Thursday, 20 August 2009


This cat is not me.

This cat is my nemesis from next door.

This is the cat I used to torment by sitting outside its window so that it would box at the glass and hiss at me.

This is the cat I wave to through the netting til it comes up to swipe me, then I run in the house.

And now TJam is feeding it while its owners are away. And today, TODAY she let it sit on her knee.


Anonymous said...

Cat owners are so fickle CB aren't they? Any feline that sits on their knee is number 1 puss for that moment only.

Lots of strokes

Mack said...

We love it's little moustache!

Mom has always said she wants to get a black and white kitty to match me - she better NOT!

Drab said...

Just make sure you rub yourself all over Tjam before she goes in then nemesis cat will smell you and be really miffed.

(I am the last remaining Kitten from the hand reared litter that mum did, i'm SUPSOSED to be going up for adoption but i think i'm a dog, i can't bark yet but i'm trying!)

Carlsberg said...

Rest assured Bangee, that cat is definitely NOT number 1, especially as it bites TJam if she strokes it too long. I NEVER do such a thing.

Mack, cats can be a lot of fun and a black and white one could be very complimentary. Plus, you could blame it for any misdemeanors and if you move fast enough and create a black and white blur.

Hi Patches, might you stay at your foster home? that would be so cool. I can't bark but I do love being with the dogs. How are yours treating you?

Marvin said...

Poor you! I feel your pain.

Give it a swipe for me!!


lotsaluv from Marvin xxxxx

ps my J is saying stupid stuff, like, "what a pretty cat" and suchlike. I have no patience with humans sometimes!

Carlsberg said...

thanks Marvin.

Tjam says it is actually a nice cat. How COULD she?!

good to see you Marv

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

cats have been my downfall, this past week, I am drinkin in the last chance saloon according to my J.

pee ess from Jeannie

Marvin has been a bad bad boy........