Monday, 28 April 2008

Calling the RSPCA

- by Chips

TJ is making me go out for a before-bedtime-wee. It's cold out there! Call the RSPCA. Tell them i'm not fed enough and I have to go out in the cold. Tell them I have to work for all my treats. That is downright taking advantage. Tell them I can only get on the settee and dig up the cushions when no one is in the house and TJ has forgotten to put the guitar on the seat to stop me. My life is misery I tells you! MISERY!

That memory stick has turned up, but so has a shipload of work, chores and deadlines. I'm neglected I tells you!


Mack said...

We call it the ASCPA -
whichever - it should definitely be called in this case!

Chips said...

You and your funny bilingual american ways!

Drab said...

We know how you feel our lives have been shattered by one word, and you know it! S*******n, neglect and dispair all round, woa is us.

Nancy & Sam X

Anonymous said...

time to remind TJ that you have needs too. Isn't there ANYTHING you can eat or destroy that you shouldn't. How about a few wees on the floor or maybe it's time for another cushion to bite the dust. I'll do some deep thinking to see if I can't find a solution. I find a little pile of sick just where the feet touch at the bottom of the stairs in the morning is always a good place! Good luck. Dizzy.

Chips said...

I tried the sick suggestion combined with a wee. No sign of any change yet but I'll let you know any developments!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work and don't despair. They all have their breaking point. Dizzy