Saturday, 26 April 2008


- by Carlsberg

The amount of blogging going on is pathetic. This is because TJam has lost the things for getting photos from her phone onto the computer. She has a memory stick and a wire but she can't find either.



Drab said...

Just to say, i heard my mum laughing at the quiet telly and when i sneaked a look,(i was hid under the table thing cos i'm not suppose to be upstairs) she was reading your web site, its now on her favorite list but she can't guess the favourite veg it access the archives, can you give her a clue so i can stay up here a bit longer!
cheers Nancy,x

Chips said...

Hi Nancy
Way to go sneaking upstairs. I can get up and down in 30 seconds. What is your record? Thank you for calling by.

Are you going under a mystery name? Do we know you? can you mail me and we can tell you the password if we know you or get to know you :) Do you have a blog?

Mack said...