Friday, 18 April 2008

Happy 21st Fliptop

- by Chips

Last weekend it was TJ's sister, Fliptop's 21st. We all went down to help her celebrate. Beanz made the most of the big garden and sunbathed all day.

In the meantime, I watch Bamgee wrap up the Champagne. This is only for humans. It makes them smile and give dogs more treats than usual.

The humans held their glasses aloft and celebrated the journey from this:

to this:

Happy 21st Fliptop!


Mack said...

Hope she had a great birthday!
Would you give her belated sugars for me??

Chips said...

thank you Mack. I'm not sure what sugars are. Are they, what, lumps of sugar? the bumps (in American language)? a cake? good wishes?

heh. I love this bilingual thing

Mack said...

Kisses! Every now and then I like to give kisses. But not too much.

Chips said...

I'll consider her honoured then. :)
thank you!