Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mid-life Crisis

- by Beanz While TJam was at work, I had a go at being an Andrex* puppy. I look disappointed in this picture because I have just realised that I am
a) not yellow
b) not a labrador
b) not a puppy any more

I stand zero chance of being the face of Andrex.
My life is just passing me by.

* Other toilet tissues are available.


Mack said...

We use Charmin. I'm probably too handsome to be there spokesdog. Mom says.

Randi said...

Oh Beanz...you could be the face & spokesdoggy to WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE! No need to conform to the "blonde" stereotype! Take it from a big black doggie...I'm the spokesdoggy for my weigh loss program at UCDavis! (well, OK..I'm in a few promo pics that they use overseas...) but we all can't hit the big US market & break it open right away...

So maybe Andrex isn't your calling..find something else...like black beans! THAT IDEA IS SO YOU!

Love & Licks,

ps..just like the golden retreiver for Bushes Baked Beans..you could be one for black beans!

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

These fluffy yellow things are over-rated. Give me a black dog with character anyday.....!

Beanz said...

Thanks guys (and gals!)
Mack, I think they use bears for Charmin. Perhaps I could audition.

Randi: oooh you're famous! wow. I have just googled black beans. Never heard of them before.

Graham & co: we have plenty of character here! We are of the black dog mind too.

thank you for putting me in perspective. It was fun playing with the kitchen roll though...