Friday, 16 May 2008


- by Chips
When we were out walking a couple of weeks ago, we came across this rope/stick swing (the blue thing to the right of the picture, hanging over a steep drop).
When she thought I wasn't looking (I was inspecting some ex-picnic rubbish) and when she had checked no one else was looking, TJam grabbed hold of it and launched herself into a full swing.
At the height of her trajectory TJam realised that children and adolescents must have some kind of inbuilt muscle strength that they are unaware of. She, on the other hand, was feeling a pull in muscles she didn't even know she had, let alone know she wasn't using any more.
She swung back to the side but the swing was child height so the floor was level with her waist.
It wasn't graceful.
She limpedwalked off whistling innocently (but arms hanging limply) and I did the decent thing and pretended I hadn't seen anything at all.
Humans: don't bother trying to recreate your adolescence unless you have consulted with your GP and undergone serious personal training.


Drab said...

Yeah we've got a tampoline in our garden and the poor kids nearly got trampled to death by their parents when it was first put up,
obviously they then realised that kids are suppler and fitter than them and do not suffer bladder weakness!
It wasn't pretty and i think they should try rolling is anything.

Nancy x

Mack said...

You didn't laugh when no one was looking did you???

Chips said...

Drab - ha ha I'd like to see you and TJ on a trampoline!

Mack - I might have had a little snigger to myself...