Friday, 23 May 2008


- by Beanz Today some exciting post came. Our Pets as Therapy uniform! TJam has booked me in for my first visit as a PAT dog! Then it will be Chips's turn.
I have my own ID badge and special collar and lead.
TJam spent so long setting up this photo that I fell asleep and forgot to pose.
In other news, it is all getting a bit noisy round here, and not all that tuneful.
TJam has started singing lessons.
Of course that is plenty of fodder for trainwreck blogging sessions, but there will not be any recordings or performances. Luckily her teacher is very kind and understanding of the fact that, although she acts cool and hard, she is actually very shy about singing in front of anyone, especially when she has to be serious about the whole thing.
Not so cool and hard now, are you TJ?
If I hear Dido's "Here with me" one more time, I may have to ask Chips to chew my ears off for me and I'll return the favour. There's a reason Dido got a recording contract and TJam didn't.


Mack said...

I have some headphones if you would like to borrow them...

Beanz said...

Please send them this way Mack and please... hurrrrrrrryyyyyyy!

Drab said...

Singing by owners is by far the worst kind of abuse i've come across. Both me and Sam have suffered the Bon Jovi CD far too many times. But for TJam to actually pay someone to teach her, she's doing payback BIG TIME! be good or she'll do OPERA i need a lay down with monkey now, just thinking about it.

Nancy xxx