Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Our Weekend

We had a very busy weekend the other weekend.

We went to visit Tjam's parents.

We went for a walk and I had to wait for TJam to take a photo of this boring tree with ivy on...

...before I posed for my Super Hero shot.

Then I balanced FlipTop on my nose.

Poor Chips was wiped out with all the activity and had to take refuge in the flower bed for a rest.

Then there was just time to watch TJam's dad sort out his pond. By this time I was too tired to help.

In fact it was all I could do to find a patch of shade to recuperate from my busy time.


Mack said...

that sounds like a super time you had! My mom has always wanted to have a koi pond in the back yard, but she's afraid the little fishies might get eaten by some adventurous dogs!

Drab said...

Glad you had a nice weekend, Nancy & Sam are in the dog house for being naughty,they've been on a spaniel fest - Sam bit a cocker spaniel and Nancy tried to fight with 2 springer spaniels through a fence.

(I don't think they realise what i do for a living or they might just behave)

Anonymous said...

yes, it is very tiring just watching these humans.........

Marvin xxxxxx