Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Art Nouveau

Chips and I didn't go for the plane concrete floor of our new porch. Nope, we made our own design. TJam wanted to join us in the fun, but she is so socially conditioned that she didn't dare. What kind of upbringing must she have had?!

About 2 hours later, and with encouragement from here facebook friends, TJam built up enough courage to add her handprint. By that time it had started to harden so she had to stand on her own hand to make any kind of impression at all.

The only one who didn't join in the fun is Carlsberg. She is not allowed in the porch area til the windows are in so her pawprints will not be preserved for prosterity. She doesn't care.


Drab said...

T Jam's looks like a face with a Dicky bow on!

Drab said...

Doh! next picture up!