Saturday, 12 September 2009


I will not move until I am good and ready. I don't care if TJam's mum IS coming to visit tomorrow, and TJam wants to cut my lawn.


Marvin said...

ahem! I am coughing politely Carlsberg so you know I am here, don't want to frighten you or anything. However, I have a baaaaad reputation now for chasing C.A.T.s so I can be employed by TJam to get you off that darn grass!!

My rates are reasonable. However, seeing as you and I are friends, I would not wish to chase you. So I think you are safe lying there in the sun, and TJam's Mum will just have to put up with nice long grass!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

Drab said...

People cut hedges into shapes, why not lawns. If Tjam had to lay on it she wouldn't cut it so short would she, it take all the softness away.

Nancy & Sam's new feline sister.