Saturday, 11 April 2009

Did I or Didn't I?

Before I ask the question, "Did I or didn't I?" I want to tell you about this cool bed I found. TJam got some liners for some hanging baskets (don't hold your breath, she always gets as far as liners and even plants, but falls down when it comes to putting the two together).

It would seem that 12" is just the right diameter for a cosy cat bed.

I said, "This space is TAKEN. Move along please. There are no hanging baskets to make here."

TJam has been busy making Easter nests for Bamgee, Bready and Unliz. You have to imagine that the Easter hen laid flat eggs in her nest. Tjam didn't get to the shop in time to get small vegan eggs. I'm sure no one will notice.

TJam saved herself a nest to have with her cup of tea before she sets off. When she came into the kitchen, this is what she saw:

I quickly headed in the direction of the door and TJam didn't actually see me touch the cake, I just had my head near it.

There was dribble on the chocolate button, which was lying next to the nest, but since the nest is shiny anyway, TJam doesn't know if I licked the nest or not. Now she has to decide whether to take the chance and eat it anyway, or whether to play it safe and throw it away.

What would you do?


Mack said...

Oh heck yeah, I have no qualms about eating after a cat!

Carlsberg I wonder if the planter will grow kittens now!

And mom says thanks for the explanation of allotments. She *finally* understands now!

Carlsberg said...

Oooo imagine... lots of little mes growing in the garden... what stage do you think I would be ready for picking?

Glad you understand allotments. We can barely manage the back garden, let alone EXTRA land.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she thought of a damp tissue drawn across it or was she just pretending to hesitate and has already eaten it!! I bet Chips and Beans would have helped out. DG

Drab said...

We're not proud in our house, any one of us would have gobbed it, except maybe the husband although he wouldn't be so choosy if he new what happens to his tea most nights before he eats it, a rinse under the tap and it's as good as new......have i said too much?

Julie x

Anonymous said...

c'mn carlsberg, tell us, did she or didn't she. DG

Tee said...

Hello Bin Raiders. We ought to form a club ... we're bin raiders too at Dog Woods. So much so the bin lid now has a heavy brick on top to stop us from getting it open ... like that's going to help!


Great blog am glad I found it!

Licks and Wags

TUffy of Dog Woods

Carlsberg said...

DG: My lips are sealed!

Julie: It is share and share alike here. Plus the 30 second rule. If it wasn't on the floor/being licked for 30 seconds then it is still officially safe. You haven't said too much at all!

Tuffy! Good to see you. So, you can get past the brick... be careful, it will be a padlock soon.

Marvin and Jeannie said...

oh, my Jeannie says she would always take the risk!