Thursday, 16 April 2009

"What is it" Wednesday

It's been a while since life lent itself so generously to a "What is it?" Wednesday.

When it did, we grabbed it with both hands (even though it is a Thursday. We can't wait til next week.)

Although now I have watched it, I realise you can't see or hear the rain. It was there. Honest! I was loving it!

If you need a clue, think Morecambe and Wise.

If that doesn't help, think Fred Astaire.

If neither of those help, get yourself down to the video shop. Erm, I mean the DVD shop.


Mack said...

Your mom knows about "Singing in the Rain"!??
My mom does, but then again she's ancient...

Marvin said...

he he he! The Morecambe and Wise sketch was soooooooo funny!

I shake the water off just like you!!

I did it today, much to everyone's disgust, well I had been in a muddy burn!

lotsalicks, Marv xxxxxxx