Sunday, 19 April 2009

Long Trek

TJam decided that we were going to go on a trek. Not a star trek. Just a normal one.

There was just time to take a picture of the view, not even half way up. We had to stay on the lead, because we have met a few stray houdini sheep on this path. They like to get out of their field and hide in the gorse. As you know, it is bad legal form to chase a sheep and neither Beanz nor I can help ourselves. And TJam does not want us shot.

There was just time for a little last minute bin-raiding to keep my strength up as we went through the ruins. Luckily, some picnickers had left some litter, so it wasn't a complete waste of my time.

We made it to the top of the pike. It was so windy we were blown all over the place. It was BRILLIANT. Beanz had a go of having both her ears up at the same time, thanks to the wind.

See that tiny little blob on the top of the hill? Well, that's where we were! All the way up there!

Next, we went up to the final feature of the walk, a mound of stones. There were actually three mounds of stones. It's a shame it was so hazy, because the view was amazing. It was so sunny, I had to shut my eyes.

So, TJam's dad... you've always said you want to go to the top: next time you visit, the gauntlet is DOWN!!


Marvin said...

oh we loved the last picture on this post!!


No worries about it being "hazy" the pics all looked very clear to us!!

My J went to the Blue Mountains up from Sydney when she was away, and the views were supposed to be fantastic........except it was so foggy, there was nothing to be seen!

23 hours on a plane, and all she saw was Scotch Mist!!

Lovely pictures on here.

Thanks for your comments and welcome back, much appreciated.

We are being a bit slow getting back to normal, my J has only just finished unpacking...........

and don't even talk about the ironing......

lotsalicks, Marvinxxxx

and love from Jeannie xxxxxx

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

What a great picture that last one is - a fine looking pair of pooches!! I'm still thoroughly enjoying your posts, please don't see my lack of comments as a lack of appreciation!