Thursday, 30 April 2009


Well, Waddaya know. I DO have a limit to how much I can eat after all.
Our friend does not like his prescription food so his owner gave it to us for treats.
Allowing for a 20g taste to decide he didn't like it, this 700g bag now weighs 220g which means that, assuming I didn't share with Beanz, which I don't think I did, my limit is 5 and a half days worth of food in one sitting.
I was still ready for lunch 3 hours later though. One has to try.


Mack said...

Your poor tum! I bet it was worth it though!!

meepettemu said...

Good grief chips!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chips, I have inside info that
that bag was way above the normal surface height, so I'm thinking that because of the skill involved, that your friend Carlesburg could well be the brains
behind such a cunning plan and could even have been an accomplice by climbing up and knocking it off. I hope you aren't unjustifyingly taking all the credit!!!! D.G.

Chips said...

Oh, it was SO worth it Mack. So very worth it.

Meep: hello! are you impressed?!

DG, yes, I blame the cat too. In fact it is all her fault and I was the innocent bystander. But what else could I have done? Leave all that bag there, all messy on the floor? No, it was my duty, my DUTY I tells ya to open the bag and eat as much of the clutter as I could.

Marvin said...

Chips, you are a dog after my own heart!

I am currently undergoing a "strict diet" just because my t-shirt shrunk in the wash, or it hung in the wardrobe for too long!

I applaud your efforts immensely!

Keep on trying my friend, just keep on trying!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

Anonymous said...

i do hope Tjam appreciates just what a dutiful dog you are and how much less mess there was (hopefully) to clear up, and that there wasn't another kind of mess to clear up later.DG

Drab said...

Way to go girl!
i've been in trouble for raiding the guinea pigs dishes again and i stole their cucmber and tomatoes while i had my head in there.