Thursday, 11 June 2009

Getting Professional

It's been a good couple of days for a professional bin raider. First TJam washed a punnet of cherry tomotoes and forgot to take them off the draining board before she went to work. When she came home, all she saw was this:

One little devil had rolled away from me and I'd missed it behind our water bowl. She put it in the compost heap. Sour grapes I say. She just wailed, "It'll never be clean again!" What a wimp. It was a vain quest for cleanliness that got her into this mess in the first place.

That was the day before yesterday. Did you know, tomatoes make you wee. In the house. You just can't help it. (I haven't googled tomatoes, kidneys or poison because we just don't want to know).

Then today, TJam came home from work, all pleased with herself that I had just taken an empty frozen pea wrapper that was in the "pre-bin" area. She gloated that there was nothing in it.

Then she gave me my tea.

Then she found a couple of mystery crumbs.

It was too late, she had already given me my tea.

I was full of tea, plus 7 moulding garlic and corriander wraps.

Here is my Chips-eye view of my handywork. See? I reached that bag all the way up there!

And here is a closeup for all appreciators of fine artistic interpretation.

It's gonna be a good weekend...


Anonymous said...

chips, you can read you clever thing. It clearly says "for you". bonne appetit. DG

Marvin said...

oh my had a real feast there!

we don't read the warnings either, just tooooooo much worry and hey, you are fine and healthy!

lotsaluv, Marvinxxxxxxxx