Sunday, 14 June 2009

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It has been so lovely here these last few days that we have to find shady walks.

So we decided to meet up with Starter (that's her spy name)

Well wadda ya know. I just wore my paws down to the bone typing out a long (and hilarious) story in which TJam forgot the map and left her phone in the car and we walked 7km past a sewerage works. I chased a duck and all was well that ended well and the phone was still there and this is the photo, which was supposed to be ironic because it was beautiful scenery but we didn't have a camera and when we did have a camera, this was all there was to see. The irony was subtle in the first version.

Then I pressed publish and accidentally signed out and lost the whole lot. So you have been saved text and I am learning patience and that everything is temporary.


Mack said...

Well it's Monday here - so we are in for some of that today!

Marvin said...

we have much sympathy Beanz! My J did exactly the same with losing the whole lot of a post, and it had taken her ages to do!.

Patience is a virtue, and my Jeannie does not have any sadly!

Thank you for your kind comments btw!

Lovely pics, especially the last one, a very artistic backdrop I must bark!! ;0D

lotsaluv Marvin xxxxx

Drab said...

Just to say we're off to stay with nan and Rosie the foster dog for a fortnight while the gang go away.
We haven't disapeared although the four rampaging kittens have and they wont be coming back as they will be old enough to be re-homed, i'll kinda miss them but not sure about the big guy.

Nancy x

I'll like em when they're bigger and fair game!!!!


Beanz said...

Mack: hope your monday went better. TJam's Monday was worse than her other day, but things looking up now it is Tuesday!

Marvin: computers are great, when they work and are not operated by MONKEYS

Nancy: have a good hol. we'll miss you. I'd love to see those kittens.

Sam: I must confess I am a little scared of them. A cat jumped on my back once and in my panic I closed myself into the room and the cat was digging its claws in me and I couldn't get away. I still have nightmares about that.