Monday, 1 June 2009


While Beanz is out of action, I am going to reminisce about our stick games.

I know stick games are not to be encouraged because of risk of injury. True, TJam does not throw them for us, since her old dog once ran onto a stick that had landed like a javelin (say no more).

However, sometimes life just puts a stick there as a gift for you and it would be rude not to accept it, wrestle over it and run along trying to pull it off each other before claiming the stick and reasserting my position of top dog over Beanz.

Ah, happy days.

Hurry up and get your leg better Beanz.


Beanz said...

I'm hurrying! I enjoyed our stroll today. Think I'll be ready to cut back on the painkillers soon. But since they're so delicious, not TOO soon.

Marvin said...

I get sticks thrown for me, but I never bring the darn things back.

best to be above all the stick throwing in my humble opinion!