Thursday, 4 June 2009


When TJam came home, I sniffed her and turned away in horror. I could smell that she had been stroking another cat. THREE other cats in fact!

She went to Silky's house to feed Silky's two cats. She put down two bowls of food. Here are two cats eating breakfast.

But they are not Silky's two cats! One is the genuine article, and the second (black one at the front) is the neighbour's comedy cat who can open a locked cat flap. He just popped right in and helped himself to breakfast. Kudos. (The other genuine cat came in later so don't worry, she got her entitlement of food.)


Mack said...

That intruder has got some nerve!

Anonymous said...

good disguise though. DG

Marvin said...

oh I cannot look! Cats are truly the work of the devil, black cats espcially, and locksmith cats, well they are beyond the pale......

oooops think I kinda made a joke there?

Marvin xxxxxxxxxx