Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ta Da!

I am Beanz the wonder dog. Hear me roar. (or see me bark). Less that 72 hours since my life was hanging by a thread (ok, I'm exagerating for dramatic effect, I had a bit of a poorly leg, but go with it...) I am back and fine. Not even limping. Not even any more painkillers. Fine, tra la la, hoppity skippity fine :)

Here I am barking at nothing in particular during my non-walk. We are going to do on lead proper walking tomorrow. Yay. We are all going stir crazy round here.

And here is a photo of Chips, because pictures of her seem to be sorely lacking recently and because TJam says Chips she is the more photogenic of us two. It's just that my sparkling personality is not done justice in the photographic medium.

And thank you to Nern and family and Bryean and family for enquiring into my wellbeing :)

And Chips, you owe me for diverting blogging attention away from that bonio box you chewed up all over the kitchen floor. We have a visitor on Friday and now she will be greeted by chewed up carboard...

1 comment:

Marvin said...

well I am just glad you are totally skippity fine...........and actually I think you are the best! Best Beanz!