Saturday, 24 January 2009

Absent Mindedness

- by Chips

Thank goodness for human absent mindedness and distractability and for a dog's innate ability to seize the moment.

I'm not sure at which point between making a cheese toasty and walking to the fridge to put the marg and cheese away, TJam got distracted. Then she went out. If you look in my bed, you will see some very clean evidence.


Anonymous said...

are you sure Beans didn't frame you? DG

Mack said...

WHAT THE......???

(Was it good?)

Chips said...

DG: Beanz doesn't have my athletic prowess to jump up on the kitchen counter without disturbing anything. No DG, I come clean!

Mack: Was it good? It was DELICIOUS!! I'm still licking my lips a day later!