Monday, 12 January 2009


- by Beanz

When they thought I wasn't looking, there was a moment of interspecies co-operation in front of the fire. Almost brings a tear to your eye.


Mack said...

We three should start a black/white club. Can I be the prez?

Drab said...

It's nice to see cats come in useful for a change even if it is only to use as a pillow!

Cat chaser

Chips said...

Mack: oooo yes. send us your photo and we'll make a logo for the club. You're the president. Beanz and I will be the chief food tasters and Carlsberg can be the kepper-awayer-of-mice-and-birds.

Sam: No one likes a good cat chase more than yours truely, but little Carls is my exception to the rule. I was the first to welcome her into our home (Beanz was scared of her). did you ever see the photos?