Sunday, 11 January 2009


- by Beanz

Other whole weat cereals are available. We don't have any complaints about this type though. TJam left it out on the counter while she went to work and we ate the whole lot. The floor has been lovely and crunchy and we can revisit the crime scene. There should be no problem with our bowels for a couple of days.
We do recommned that plenty of fresh drinking water is available.


Mack said...

Bowels, heeheee!!

I'm not so sure we have wheatabix in the US.
My mom has just gotten BBC in America and wants me to ask you to ask your mom what are lollies??
(Lollipops?) And when they say "Rashers" of bacon - what the heck is that?
Inquiring Americans want to know!

Beanz said...

Lol Mack. I'm more than happy to educate you in the way of food. I'm sure we can mutually educate each other!

Weetabix... hmm it's hard to explain. It's wheat flakes crushed down and shaped into a biscuit shape. Perhaps we'll put a photo on the blog in the name of academia.

Lollies are... are they popsicles? like a stick with a boiled sweet on top. Or are popsicles made of ice? We have ice lollies and just ordinary ones.

A rasher of bacon... mmmm... hold on while I drool a moment.... Ok, a rasher is like one slice of bacon. What you put in a sandwich. The call them bacon butties here. Butty is a name for a sandwich. Do you have that there?

Mack said...

Thank you! One time I was watching "Keeping Up Apperances" with my mom and Onslo mentioned he wanted a bacon butty. Now we know what he was talking about!!!