Thursday, 29 January 2009

Smokes and Mirrors

- by Beanz
TJam has been reading the first blog she ever followed. They have been having a really tough time. If we are going to have something good out of the black cloud, then it is lots of cuddles. We do what Kerrio tells us. When Kerrio says cuddle, we cuddle. When Kerrio says lay in front of the fire together, we get straight down on the floor.
When Kerrio says forget the ironing and hoovering... we're waaaaaayy ahead of her!
This one's for you, Meg, QB, Cleo and Boots, and for you Tealeaf and Kerrio and Brian. A big blogging cuddle for us all to share.
Plus hopefully it will detract from the fact that I accidentally nibbled the corner off a parcel waiting to be posted. (Don't worry, no chocolate was involved, only a small webcam).


Stanley said...

Beanz, Chips & Carlsberg!

Thanks for reminding us (especially my girl) what it means to love and to be loved! We're sending some snuggles and goober smooches back at you, and we'll send some to Kerrio & Tealeaf too!

Goober love,

Pee Ess for Carlsberg
Merv has one of those snuggle sacks my girl got him at a garage sale (it's a Barbie snuggle sack, but who cares?)! He won't use it, but of course, he'll use her hiking pants. Sheesh. He's just plain ungrateful I think.

Beanz said...

We know you're a good smoocher Stanley! Hope you get a good snuggle out of your girl. have you got a nice warm fire to curl up in front of? Do you need one over there?