Thursday, 15 January 2009

Cat Tree

- by Carlsberg

What happens when a dog waits until the humans go out and then tries to climb up a cat tree to eat a cat's breakfast?
My food, my tree. Paws OFF. Do NOT try it again.
(and put my crinkly paper back in the box where it came from)
(and wash my bowl once you've licked it with your smooth doggy tongue)


Mack said...

Actually, I think it was quite clever of her!!

OK another question about food! Mom has been watching "You Are What You Eat" and wants to know exactly what a curry is and what kebabs are!!!
She says she thinks they have a totally different meaning over here...

Drab said...

10 out of 10 for artistic impression and use of apparatus!

Mack curry's and kebabs are what i lived off when i strayed on the streets before i came to live here at this mad house, oh i do miss a good kebab with chilli sauce!

(we don't miss the after effects though - WIND of the bottom variety. Nancy)

Chips said...

Mack: Thank you! I was very proud of myself :) I also lived off curry and kebabs in my pre-homed life. Yum. I still eat them whenever I can. Curry is a kind of hot or spiced food. I think it comes from Southeast Asia. There are loads of types, so you MUST try every type and you eat it with naan bread or chapati. You must have it in the States. I wonder what it is called. It is things like Dopiaza, Bhuna, Rogan Josh, Jalfreizi, Vindaloo, Thai Green, Byriani (OMG am I sounding obsessed?) Try some and let us know!!

And kebabs I think are from the middle East and they are slices of meat off this big meat thing, in a big bread thing with salad and chilli sauce. mmmmmm

Sam: Do I get a medal? It sounds like an olympic gold! Ah, I too enjoyed curry and kebabs in my life on the streets, but all in all, I am happy with a warm bed, regular (if not frquent enough) meals and 2 walks a day. Plus of course, I scavenge what I can on every walk, and often get lucky. Mmmmm chilli sauce.

PS Sam, do you sometimes surprise yourself when you let a guff go and you are sitting on lino? and then are you surprised and look round at your own backside as if to say, "What was THAT?!" (or did I just share too much?)

Mack said...

Well, one of my mom's most favorite things ever is a Gyro. Which I believe sounds just like your kebabs!!!