Saturday, 17 January 2009

Cup of Tea

Dear TJam
When you are making a cup of tea, be sure to put the tea and milk in the SAME cup you will be drinking from, and not in two separate cups (one of which was waiting to be put away) like you did this morning. What were you thinking?
love from Beanz
PS Unnlizz- (that's your spy name), if you are reading this, doesn't the reindeer cup look good? :))


Mack said...

In the states we drink milk with coffee. We drink lemon with tea. Are we weird or what?

-Mack's Mum

Drab said...

Hmmmmm it does help if they're in the same cup. Reminds me of when i had put coffee sugar and milk in a cup waiting for the kettle to boil, mother though the cup just had milk in and pour tea into it for my brother, he sat drinking it looking very puzzeled before he asked is this tea or coffee, tea replied mother, coffee replied i, well its vile whatever it is was his reply - how ungrateful.


Chips said...

Mack: LEMON? with TEA? whatever next?! Tjam uses coffee to keep slugs off the plants!

Julie, Coffee AND tea? yuck. but the least your brother could have done would have been to thank you for making the drink and then offer to make you a fresh brew...