Sunday 15 September 2002

Carlsberg's Story

Unusually, TJam decided we would go for a walk the same way as that fateful night with Jump. As we got to the first pathway, we heard a mew and saw a skinny little kitten dart into the undergrowth. We couldn't see anyone/thing around, so TJam reached it and pulled out the kitten... a skinny little thing that sat in the palm of TJam's hand. No one around and not a house in sight ... so we about turned and brought it back to the house. There is a teacher at TJamchool who was looking for a kitten so TJam said we could give it to her. TJam phoned the RSPCA - no kitten reported missing, and anyway, this one was skinny and covered in flea eggs, hardly well looked after--so TJam eventually tracked down the phone number of the teacher at school.. rang her... but they bought a kitten today.

Meanwhile, the kitten was making herself at home in the Carlsberg box, had eaten some food, had a drink and seemed quite the cat about the house. Even when I barked at her, she didn't flinch. Chips kept licking her. TJam had kind of decided that this is fate; homeless kitten not 50m from the spot where Jump was hit by a car ... was this meant to be?

TJam has emailed Bamgee to confer… will this be our cousin in residence?

Chips welcomes Carlsberg to her new home.

Carlsberg sits in front of TJam's favourite sandals that I condensed for her.