Monday 29 June 2009

Photography Tips

On Sunday, we went for a lovely walk on the moors with Huddersfield Town and Pin. Beanz was a bit distracted by the sheep, but all in all, there were no mishaps. I won't mention Saturday when TJam fell off the fence as she was trying to get into the nature reserve to get us out of the used barbeque in the nature reserve... Sadly, no one had a camera running, so that's another £250 that has passed us by. Anyway, back to the roundup. Here we are at the summit.

On Sunday, TJam did quite a bit of admiring of her tomatoes. It is a miracle that she has kept them alive all this time. We are all eyeing them up because we all love tomatoes and they are just my height. Whoever can stand them the greenest will be conquerer!

Now for the photography tip.

If you fanny about setting your camera to macro to take a close up photo of a tomato, be sure to set it back from whence it came, otherwise your beautiful and sunny distance shots will look like this:

Do not adjust your eyes or book yourself in at the optitians.

At best, you will get a close up of the grass and a blurry black face in the background.

Of course there is always the exception to prove the rule. This is the only half decent picture we have from about 20 taken this evening on the most beautiful light and sunny walk. TJam is still learning to get a level horizon. It's getting better, but obviously, room for improvement.

Thursday 25 June 2009


We have seen some very interesting clouds. First, there was a poodle, begging...

... and then we saw a teddy riding on a cloud. Can you see him?

There he is.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Spot the Cat 2009

It's been a while since TJam played Spot the Cat. She couldn't find me anywhere. All that lovely garden and no sunbathing cat...

It's not that our decking has become a junk yard over the winter, but you may just be able to spot me.
TJam was so ashamed after seeing this photo that she has since make big inroads on clearing it up. Now there is plenty of space for me to knock out some Zs.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Sat Nav

It has been so lovely here these last few days that we have to find shady walks.

So we decided to meet up with Starter (that's her spy name)

Well wadda ya know. I just wore my paws down to the bone typing out a long (and hilarious) story in which TJam forgot the map and left her phone in the car and we walked 7km past a sewerage works. I chased a duck and all was well that ended well and the phone was still there and this is the photo, which was supposed to be ironic because it was beautiful scenery but we didn't have a camera and when we did have a camera, this was all there was to see. The irony was subtle in the first version.

Then I pressed publish and accidentally signed out and lost the whole lot. So you have been saved text and I am learning patience and that everything is temporary.

Friday 12 June 2009


TJam is doing our walk this morning, pondering blogging. She observes that our blog is only ever about one of 5 things:
Eating something we shouldn't
Breaking something
Chasing something
Injuring ourselves
Occasionally tips for humans like don't wash a rug with your clothes

There is a disappointingly constant source of material.

Oh and she puts in the occasional photo. Like this one.

Thursday 11 June 2009

Getting Professional

It's been a good couple of days for a professional bin raider. First TJam washed a punnet of cherry tomotoes and forgot to take them off the draining board before she went to work. When she came home, all she saw was this:

One little devil had rolled away from me and I'd missed it behind our water bowl. She put it in the compost heap. Sour grapes I say. She just wailed, "It'll never be clean again!" What a wimp. It was a vain quest for cleanliness that got her into this mess in the first place.

That was the day before yesterday. Did you know, tomatoes make you wee. In the house. You just can't help it. (I haven't googled tomatoes, kidneys or poison because we just don't want to know).

Then today, TJam came home from work, all pleased with herself that I had just taken an empty frozen pea wrapper that was in the "pre-bin" area. She gloated that there was nothing in it.

Then she gave me my tea.

Then she found a couple of mystery crumbs.

It was too late, she had already given me my tea.

I was full of tea, plus 7 moulding garlic and corriander wraps.

Here is my Chips-eye view of my handywork. See? I reached that bag all the way up there!

And here is a closeup for all appreciators of fine artistic interpretation.

It's gonna be a good weekend...

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Washing Machine Maths

Washing machine


navy blue tracksuit pants



Pass the lint roller....

Monday 8 June 2009

Nosy Neighbour? Moi?

I was just minding my own business, looking into next door...

... when I heard the rustle of a camera case...

... but I think it was ok and I got away with it. I just made like I was on my way down anyway and that I had finished admiring the scenery...

Tum tee tum!
It wasn't me :)

Thursday 4 June 2009


When TJam came home, I sniffed her and turned away in horror. I could smell that she had been stroking another cat. THREE other cats in fact!

She went to Silky's house to feed Silky's two cats. She put down two bowls of food. Here are two cats eating breakfast.

But they are not Silky's two cats! One is the genuine article, and the second (black one at the front) is the neighbour's comedy cat who can open a locked cat flap. He just popped right in and helped himself to breakfast. Kudos. (The other genuine cat came in later so don't worry, she got her entitlement of food.)

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Ta Da!

I am Beanz the wonder dog. Hear me roar. (or see me bark). Less that 72 hours since my life was hanging by a thread (ok, I'm exagerating for dramatic effect, I had a bit of a poorly leg, but go with it...) I am back and fine. Not even limping. Not even any more painkillers. Fine, tra la la, hoppity skippity fine :)

Here I am barking at nothing in particular during my non-walk. We are going to do on lead proper walking tomorrow. Yay. We are all going stir crazy round here.

And here is a photo of Chips, because pictures of her seem to be sorely lacking recently and because TJam says Chips she is the more photogenic of us two. It's just that my sparkling personality is not done justice in the photographic medium.

And thank you to Nern and family and Bryean and family for enquiring into my wellbeing :)

And Chips, you owe me for diverting blogging attention away from that bonio box you chewed up all over the kitchen floor. We have a visitor on Friday and now she will be greeted by chewed up carboard...

Monday 1 June 2009


While Beanz is out of action, I am going to reminisce about our stick games.

I know stick games are not to be encouraged because of risk of injury. True, TJam does not throw them for us, since her old dog once ran onto a stick that had landed like a javelin (say no more).

However, sometimes life just puts a stick there as a gift for you and it would be rude not to accept it, wrestle over it and run along trying to pull it off each other before claiming the stick and reasserting my position of top dog over Beanz.

Ah, happy days.

Hurry up and get your leg better Beanz.


I am doing a very good job of resting my leg and it is coming on well. I'll be glad of 10 minutes on the green later.