Saturday 30 August 2003


Now I have to wear a silver space boot.

Thank you VERY much.

And I have to stay on the lead.

Friday 29 August 2003

Kitchen Hazard

Today I jumped up to have a good look on the kitchen unit and I sliced my paw on a tin that was waiting to go into the recycling.

Now I have a nasty gash and I have to keep it washed and covered. It is on the pad so TJam didn't take me to the vet. Some owner she is. I am feeling very sorry for myself.

Thursday 21 August 2003

Chimney Sweep

We got the chimney swept. 

I disgraced us by stealing the duct tape and chewing it up. The chimney sweep was very understanding. TJam was mortified.

Sunday 17 August 2003

Confused Identity

Today Carlsberg tried to come on a walk with up. She came 200m on the field until we got near the road. Then TJam decided it was too dangerous so we had to turn for home and get the cat to follow us so we could shut her back in the house.

Carlsberg, the cat who thinks she's a dog.

Friday 15 August 2003

Cat Training

I was out on the field doing some training with TJam when a flash of black and white came at me, grabbed my leg and wouldn't let go. It was Carlsberg! She wants to be trained. She kept hiding in the bushes and then jumping out on me when I was trying to do a sit stay.

Saturday 2 August 2003

Travelling South

We went down to see our extended family in the Southeast. We were very good and I wasn't even sick in the car.