Tuesday 30 March 2010

Cheese Slices

TJam occasionally treats herself to some processed vegan cheese squares to make some vegan cheeseburgers (ok, vegan burger in bread with ketchup and onions). She knows some people think it is wrong, but there you go. Now I have revealed her guilty secret. Anyway, no more cheese burgers because she forgot to put her precious cheese slices back in the fridge before going out for the afternoon.

It would have been rude to just leave them on the side.

Work Life Balance

TJam is busy appreciating this double rainbow. Whilst working hard to earn a crust of kit-e-cat of course. Hooray for tea breaks.

Friday 26 March 2010

Nature Advisors Needed

Right in the middle of this field (in the foreground of this picture if you look carefully)...

we saw a curious sight....

This little guy or gal was hugging his/her babies. Or eating them! Or something! I don't know what toads do. The eggs have been there for about a week and have frozen once in that time.

Look how far they are from any water source! And right on the path. Is this normal?
(They are in between Chips and TJam taking the photo. That is a long way for tadpoles to get. Nature experts please advise!)

Saving the World

Tomorrow we will be saving the world AND saving money. Ok, so we will not be saving the world then and there, but we will be doing our drop in the ocean. Join us if you like! (of course, not by computer because that will be switched off). Join us in spirit. I am suggesting we have a roaring open fire and snacks. Sounds like a very wholesome way to go....

Sunday 21 March 2010

Sunday Morning Lie In

This morning we all got a go at the duvet. I like a shoulder perch myself...

Beanz went for Cuddle in Lap position, and Chips mastered the Dive Under the Duvet move, so you can't see her.

Ahhh bliss.


Aha, we have water again. Plus TJam was embarrassed to discover that the problem with her blurry photos was due to an enormous fingerprint on the lens, and she can't blame me or Chips for that.

Saturday 20 March 2010

Singing in the Rain

What was TJam saying about the weather yesterday?

Ok, so now we are making up for the "no rain" thing. TJam discovered that her waterproofs need reproofing. Urgently.
We nearly didn't make the walk because we had to wait in for our new washing machine. We didn't have to wait long though. They came to the house at 7am. TJam managed to wait til we got home til she tried the washer out. Seems to work fine. Whatever.

Friday 19 March 2010

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

The great thing about all this lack of rain is that AMAZING mud ruts that have been developing.

Have you ever seen muddier legs that this? I RULE!!

Monday 15 March 2010


This evening I have mostly been talking to Bamgee on Skype.

Saturday 13 March 2010

Close Call

I just very nearly spent the night locked in the porch. I am like lightening. TJam thought I was a rat until I meowed. I notice the dogs didn't get involved in helping their friend in distress.

Famous Friend :)

You might wonder why Echo is sniffing so curiously at B2.
The answer is...

Yes, our friend is a star. Well, we always knew that, but now a judge has said it too :)

It hasn't changed him one bit!

You might also wonder why TJam has started taking blurry photos, but I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that.

We've Moved

TJam has been busy moving our blog about. Hope it is still in one piece.

Purrfect Afternoon

This afternoon we are mostly lazing in front of a black and white film. This is the life!

Friday 12 March 2010

Hare Raising

About 2 seconds ago, an enormous hare came charging up the woodland path towards me and Chips. We couldn't believe our luck and ran right at it. Just as TJam put her hands to her head and shouted oh no, chips and I opened our mouths for the hare to run in - there was nowhere else for it to go - and it leapt up in the air, clean over our heads and along the path. By the time we had done a double take, scratched our heads in confusion and turned ourselves around, there was no way we were gonna catch it. We gave it a good go but we didn't really stand a chance. It was nearly as big as Chips I swear!
All TJam could do was stand and text on my behalf until I gave up the chase and returned to carry on our walk. Which is comparatively boring I must say. Wow. What am encounter. No time for fotos though ...

Thursday 11 March 2010

Alfie (and GG)

We have had a great walk this evening with our friend Gurns Girl and her dog Alfie. It was getting a bit dusk, but we still had a fab time and GG provided us with plenty of treats (plus I hogged the photo with my big black shape).


If you click on this picture and zoom in to the middle, you might see what I missed. Our local wildlife family that we must not chase.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Growing Like a Weed

Here is little Echo. He's 20 weeks now, and sizing up nicely against Nerospal. He won't be allowed on laps for much longer I shouldn't think.

In fact he's making Nero look like more like a heeler (I was going to say cherwowa but I don't know how to spell it)

He's cute though.

New Toy

We have a new toy! It is amazing. It tells us where we have walked, how far we went, how fast and all stuff like that. TJam carried it today while she got used to it, and one day us dogs might get to wear it, but as yet it is not waterproof so maybe TJam will have to keep hold of it after all.

This morning we went all this way:

Look how fast TJam thinks she went. She should let ME wear it. It would probably say 100mph then!

Friday 5 March 2010

Freezing Fog

Fun walk this morning but can't see all that much. Is this freezing fog? It is making our eyebrows look greyer than they actually are.
That may be my 1st official reference to the fact we are not actually puppies any more, no matter how we may act.

Thursday 4 March 2010


Putting the bin in the cupboard under the sink means nothing to me!

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Dog Maths and Squirrels

The thrill of the chase is directly proportional to the length of the lolling tongue. Only in this picture I pulled my tongue in to disguise my delight but you can still see the glint in my eye.

I had a quick drink but was still on high squirrel alert...

If you click on this picture to make it big, you might just be able to make me out at the bottom of the middle tree and my nemesis squirrel spreadeagled about half way up the trunk.

What a GREAT walk!
Darn those pesky squirrels!

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Cats and Mountain Goats

The great thing about cats is our stealth, agility and sure footedness.

We can get anywhere, navigating round obstacles and ornaments with our nifty footwork, like Ginger Rogers...

Ooops. How did that get there?
Nothing to do with me...