Tuesday 29 October 2002

Otty's Bad Eye Experience

Otty is the toy otter who always used to sit on TJam's Grandma and Grampy's bed.

He used to hold a silver fish, and when TJam and family stayed at their house, he used to come in the spare bedroom to keep the children company. Otty has bushy eyebrows like Grampy. When Grandma and Grampy died, TJam inherited Otty. By then, the fish was lost, but the rest of him was intact. In fact he was looking pretty good for an otter of at least 40 years.

However, one day when TJam came home from work (not long after Chips and I went to live with her, and in the old days when we were allowed upstairs) poor Otty was lying on the kitchen floor.

I could not possibly tell you exactly what had happened to him, for fear of incriminating myself.

Otty was damp and his eyes were missing.

TJam managed to locate one of the missing eyes in the corner of the kitchen and she stuck it back on. So far so good.

Hearing of his plight, Brazil sent Otty a nice eye patch for the other side. He won't be able to drive any more cos of his distance judgement, but apart from that he's as good as new.