Thursday 30 December 2004


It's back. We have to set the trap again.

Wednesday 29 December 2004


The mouse is now in the tea towel drawer. The humane trap went in. We had one false alarm and then caught the mouse. But TJam was in her pyjamas and wasn't sure if there was anything inside. So she took it down the garden to have a look and the mouse jumped out. The instructions say you have to take it 1km from the house so it is only a matter or time before it comes back.

Saturday 25 December 2004

Merry Christmas!

While I guarded the house, TJam, family and dogs had a lovely and relaxing Christmas day. 

 Brazil made everyone a lovely dinner.

Friday 24 December 2004

Christmas Eve

After a flurry of housework and last minute wrapping of presents, the dogs and TJam drove down to see TJam's family.

Saturday 18 December 2004


TJam has bought a humane mouse trap and it is under the floorboards. I went down to check it out and make sure she had set it properly. It needs to be checked every 4 hours. How practical.

Wednesday 15 December 2004


TJam went to test drive a Kangoo van today. She liked it a lot and you can clean out the inside easily, which would be great for the dirty dogs.

Thursday 9 December 2004


Tonight was the dog training party. Everyone had a great time and Beanz won a rosette for what happens to be my favourite photo every - "Best Photo" entitled "Cat Bites Dog".

Sunday 5 December 2004


Bamgee has headed off for Peru. 

TJam was away for the weekend so the dogs had to go into kennels. They had a good time playing with their friend Smokey Joe but they were glad to come home.

Sunday 28 November 2004


Fliptop and Trainers called in for the afternoon. Trainers wanted to go for a walk in the hills, but called it off when his white trainers started to get muddy. This has earned him his spy name.

Wednesday 24 November 2004

Des Visiteurs

TJam's friend, Ponton Annuaire (who she used to live with in France) came to stay, along with her friend, who is a musician.

Friday 19 November 2004


TJam, Bamgee and the dogs went to Boroughbridge, near York to rent a little cottage for the weekend. They had a fabulous time, walking in fields and looking round the shops. They had an open fire and had takeaway curry for tea every night. 

 They totally recommend the place and have the number if you would like to go (sleeps 3, takes dogs).

Wren Breakfast

I brought in a wren to wake TJam up at 7.30am. 

While she was in the shower, I chased it round the bedroom so there were loads of feathers when she came out. 

Then I killed it and ate it. 
I left a liver for Tamsin to tread on later.

Saturday 13 November 2004


It was Bamgee's leaving party this evening. 
She is soon off to Peru for a while to work her dream job :) 
Then travelling the world.

Friday 12 November 2004


This evening, TJam, Chips and Beanz went to Derby to catch up with Dr J, LovelyK and Joeymeh. TJam used to live with them when she was a student. 

They had a fabulous time, catching up on the last 9 years. 
They are all going to come here one day. 
Yeah. When TJam has tidied up. I might bring a mouse in as a gift.

Sunday 7 November 2004


We have had fireworks all weekend. I am fine about them. 
Beanz decided to get scared at 10pm tonight and she's laying under the table tonight.

Saturday 6 November 2004


Injections. Touché.

Friday 5 November 2004


Today, TJam went to have a look at some kennels for the dogs to go in while she has to go away. She was upset at the thought but she liked the place, so that should be ok. It was her friend, Selena's kennels, so the dogs will know her and TJam trusts her. High praise indeed. 

 I was meant to have my injections today. I went walkabout and TJam had to postpone it til tomorrow.

Sunday 31 October 2004

Sponsored Walk

We all went on the Dog Club Sponsored Walk. It was 6.2 miles around lanes to raise money for local dog charities. 

Luckily, the we were very well behaved, although we did have a momentary freak out at the model pigs by the hardware shop.

Saturday 16 October 2004


Brazil, Boy Wonder and Fliptop have come to stay. 

 We went for a nice walk this morning. 

Beanz and I played with Nero...

  ... and Nerospal showed Brazil the view.

The Boy Wonder has done loads of work on the house. Cheers BW! :)

Monday 27 September 2004


The lampshade collar is off, Carlsberg is healed and heading back off into the wild.

Friday 24 September 2004


Today, the chimney sweep came, so we watched him sweep the chimney from inside. TJam went out to see when the brush came out at the top. The brush came out and the pot came off! The man had to go up on the roof and cement it back on.

Thursday 23 September 2004


Today, Carlsberg felt very sorry for herself. She got 2 bites on her legs which turned into abcesses. She had to go to the vet. She said Carlsberg's temperature was 104ºF and she gave her antibiotics and made her wear that lampshade collar. 

Carlsberg has to stay in the house for 3 days, so she snuggled up with Beanz and nurse Beanz looked after Carlsberg all night.

Friday 10 September 2004

Wanderer Returns

Carlsberg has been missing for 2 days but she came home today. She was very hungry but fine. I can't tell you where I was, but she seems to be sticking around the house now.

Monday 30 August 2004


Washing, washing, washing and more washing!

What did they do in the days before washing machines?!

Sunday 29 August 2004


Sadly, time to pack up the tent and head for home. Just time to buy a couple of postcards and wap them in the post. TJam only sent 4 so don't be offended if you weren't one of the recipients. Basically, if you didn't give birth to her or have influence in her first 5 years of life, you didn't get a card. It's nothing personal. 

We had a quick picnic and the sun came out for our drive home. 

Carlsberg was glad to see us.

Saturday 28 August 2004


The plan was to do a little, 2 hour stroll over lunch time, and be back to buy postcards. 

7 hours later, we made it home. We went through forests and up mountains. 

Be impressed that we were this close to cows and the dogs were under control. We saw Ugly House and Swallow Falls, and we met a family from West Wickham, and the woman was going to work at Fliptop's school this year. Small world.

Friday 27 August 2004

Moving On

We had to move on cos the site was booked up. Surely there would be no problem finding a new site! On Bank Holiday Weekend! 
Having phoned about 15 sites, all full, "the field" was looking more attractive… we pulled up. 

Yup, main road, Shell Garage and apparently travelling community in the corner….

After a few seconds, even home seemed like a better prospect. We decided to about turn and drive homeward via the town. If we didn't see anywhere with vacancies, we would just keep driving.

 Luckily, we did manage to find a site. 

The Pontins of the camping world. Children and more children everywhere, and tents right on top of each other. Even with all the competition, our dogs were still the loudest. Is that something to be proud of? 

Still, this was Riverside, and we were determined to enjoy it. Actually, it was more Trainside than Riverside, with the half past the hour running about 7 metres from our tent, starting at 06:30H.

Thursday 26 August 2004


We drove to Cricieth and had the day on the beach. TJam bought us a wind break to put up in the door of the tent so Beanz and I can't see what's going on. They hope it will be quieter that way. 

We walked up and down the beach and then stopped for an ice cream. As we drove along the main road we saw a field with a few tents in. We laughed at its situation, right next to a Shell Garage. How lucky we had found such a quiet camp site!

Tuesday 24 August 2004

Camping 2004

A good night's sleep in the tent. We dogs were well behaved and we had a lie in. Only a few hours of rain, so we didn't get washed away. 

 We drove into Betws-y-Coed and had a look round. We got a ground sheet, and a pair of waterproof trousers for Bamgee. And a couple of plastic spoons. Bargain.

Monday 23 August 2004


We packed up the car with the tent, collapsible chairs, sleeping bags, dog beds, dog food, dog towels and dogs, and off we went to North Wales. The morning started with a visit to the vet (how else) because Beanz had committed her annual August Paw Cutting ritual and sliced two pads yesterday. The only bargain was that the consultation only cost £5.01 for the vet to advise us to keep the feet dry. What a comedian.

Thursday 19 August 2004


TJam, Bamgee, Artist, Beanz and I went to the Kennel Club Charity Dog Show at the British Legion. We dogs were very well behaved and Artist was a professional. She took Beanz in the Junior Handler class. I came 4th in cross breed bitch and was very proud of myself. 

TJam and Bamgee couldn't believe the back biting that was going on from the Pedigree owners. One was grumbling that her dog didn't win "dog with the waggiest tail".

Sunday 15 August 2004

Rained off

We had been looking forward to the County Show today. Chips was a dead cert for "Dog with the waggiest tail". However, it was cancelled because of all the rain. Apparently, last time it rained like this, all the horse boxes and cars got stuck on the field and had to be towed off by tractor. Shame.

Saturday 24 July 2004


We went to a party to celebrate TJam's Nan's Golden Anniversary of living in her house.
Brazil had made a cake.

And there was a big gazebo of food that us dogs were not allowed to touch.

Sunday 18 July 2004


We met up with Bamgee's friends and had a weekend of walking and sipping lager shandy. 
Mmmm. The humans had a BBQ on Saturday night. The caravan was very luxurious.

Saturday 10 July 2004


Beanz was in the dog display at the local school. She had to wear a uniform. 
It poured with rain, but all the dogs worked hard. 
Beanz did good, and I don't think many people noticed her break ranks during the agility to make a break for the burger tent.

Tuesday 29 June 2004


Not long til the dog display! I auditioned for the retrieve and got the part. TJam kind of wishes I hadn't. She can't take the pressure.

Saturday 12 June 2004

Loose Sheep

We went to a country park. Some sheep had got out of their field and into the woods. Chips and I had a little run with them. I don't know why TJam got so upset with us. It's not like we hurt them or anything. We had to do the rest of the walk on the lead.

Tuesday 8 June 2004

Dog Display

I am in the dog display team. I went to a practice tonight. I was not too too bad but I found the rabbit poo on the field more interesting than retrieving a dumbbell. TJam was not impressed. Neither was the teacher. I had better not pull a stunt like that again.

Thursday 3 June 2004

Waterproof Trousers

TJam's waterproof trousers are now just trousers. All the rain today wore out their waterproofness.

Tuesday 25 May 2004

Mouse Mystery Over

The mouse turned up.

Decapitated on the rug.


Carlsberg has just come in and dropped a live mouse. It ran behind the fridge and there is no sign of it since. There is no escape route and yet...

Sunday 23 May 2004


Yesterday we had a barbeque. Mmmmmmm. Today, we went to Blackpool (no starfish this time) and walked along the beach. Then we went and had chips on the sea front.

Thursday 13 May 2004


We went to agility class. I loved the tunnel - it was the fountain of dog treats.

I went *in* but won't come *out*. 

It's great fun :)

Tuesday 4 May 2004


We went on a long walk. I couldn't resist going mad at the sheep and we had trouble getting everyone over the styles, although Chips did manage to scale a 5' wall. 

Here are the humans having a cup of tea that took an hour to make on the Trangia. Call it part of the camping experience. We had a fab time and it was a shame to come home.

Monday 3 May 2004

Canine Picnic

We all slept surprisingly well. 

We went to Kendal Castle. 

The ONE time us dogs were let off the lead, I ran off and ate an unattended picnic. TJam is telling herself that is was the crusts of a sandwich, and not the whole thing. 

They had a moral dilemma and thought maybe they should come clean but eventually decided to run for it.

Sunday 2 May 2004

Camping at Last!

We went camping!

In their usual prepared way, the humans read the instructions and put up the tent for the first time.

First, get everything out of the car...

Lay the tent out on the floor...

Put the poles in the tent and it goes up just like that!

Thursday 29 April 2004


TJam has been working in the garden. Carlsberg managed to find a little place to sleep.

Sunday 25 April 2004


Today we bought a tent. We will be camping any time soon! I can't wait. We are going camping!!

I wonder what camping is.

Monday 19 April 2004

Narrow Escape

Today I had a very lucky escape when I only half succeeded in jumping over a barbed wire fence (to eat more fertilizer) and ended up hanging over said fence. I managed to get off and only lost a tuft of hair. Not a scratch on me! I don't know why the humans are making such a fuss.

Sunday 18 April 2004


The farmer has fertilised his fields with chicken manure. I am delighted. I have eaten most of it and then thrown it up in the house. I am very popular.

Tuesday 13 April 2004

Near Driving Lesson

It was Fliptop's 17th birthday today. We had arranged for her to have a surprise driving lesson (had the camera ready and everything). 10 minutes before the lesson, the school car broke down and had to go into the garage, so poor Fliptop will have to wait til she goes home to get driving... TJam and Fliptop ate the last of the Easter nests Fliptop made. 

Then they did some gardening. 

We dropped FT off at the station and then I went to my first agility lesson. At first I was not that keen on the tunnel, but once TJam hid a few treats in there I was more than happy to oblige. It was fun! When the lesson was over, I ran through the tunnel just for the hell of it.

Sunday 11 April 2004

Good Friday Stalls

We went up a big hill with Fliptop. There is a tradition of having stalls up there on the hill on Good Friday. The humans had candy floss.

Friday 9 April 2004

Easter Chocolate

TJam and Fliptop spent all of Easter Day eating chocolate and going on the dance mat.

Thursday 8 April 2004


Fliptop is staying with us! 

She got the train up to Wigan this evening. We welcomed her enthusiastically.

Monday 29 March 2004

Plan B

We went to the allotment today but someone had broken in and stolen our forks. So we just fixed the fence.

Sunday 21 March 2004

Construction Matters

We have been to stay at Bamgee's for the weekend. It was so windy that a fence panel blew out of the fence while we were gone. Our neighbour has put it back. Oh, Boy Wonder, if you are wondering, they have started building the house on the corner plot. The first floor is nearly finished. And next door are selling up. It is nothing to do with us barking. We will swear to that in court if we have to.

Wednesday 17 March 2004

Calming Signals

Watch out world. TJam and Nersospal went to a dog talk this evening. It was by Sheila Harper who looks at how us dogs cope with stress and how humans need to look out for early stress signals so that we don't have to resort to biting to let people know we are serious. 

TJam thinks it particularly applies to me when I bark at other dogs when I'm on the lead. The woman does some courses so we might go on one.

Wednesday 10 March 2004

Flying Visit

This evening, TJam drove over to Leeds to meet her friend Chatter who was in Leeds for the evening. They had a hilarious time, although too short. Chatter runs an American Therapy Camp and was doing a whistlestop tour of the UK to promote her software. That's why the get together was so short. There was no lack of quality though!

Thursday 4 March 2004

Big Walk

The dogs set off on their walk today blissfully unaware that they were going up to that tiny peak at the top!

They went with Nerospal and Nero

Up the steps...

 and up and up....

past the tower...

and right to the very top!
What a view!

In the evening Chips was dragged to dog training. She is having fewer bad sessions than good sessions these days. She managed a send away and a retrieve. First time she has been able to get over her stress and concentrate properly. TJam was proud of her. We all are.

Sunday 29 February 2004

Snowy Walk

It has snowed!

Today we went for a walk with our friends:

Nerospal and Nero

and Chloe.

This afternoon we went for a walk in the Big Park. 
Chips did not get in a fight but I did run off to eat a bag of chips.

Monday 23 February 2004

Cob Nuts

TJam left a bag of cob nuts out on the tidy kitchen side. 

 Chips and I soon sorted that out. 

 Hopefully our teeth are not chipped from the shells

Sunday 22 February 2004


TJam spent ALL DAY tidying up the kitchen. How dedicated is that? It is nearly finished too!

Sunday 15 February 2004


Today we were going on an outing to Glossop. They say there are a lot of walks there.

Well, we walked for 3 hours but all we saw was local authority housing estates and playing fields. We walked one way and we walked the other way.

Next time we will get information from the Tourist Board *before* we go, because it is famous for being beautiful, and not only to washing line manufacturers.

Wednesday 4 February 2004


TJam is going on a course at work. She is fired up and unbearable. Ready to change the world. I wonder if they do a human diffuser.

Thursday 1 January 2004

Happy New Year

Happy new year. Last night we had SNOW!! 

Not much to report. Well, nothing I can remember anyway. We had a Christmas break and now we are back at dog training. Carlsberg got a swollen foot and it turned out she had been bitten by a squirrel or something. Like the time Tamsin gave a squirrel a jammy dodger, so it took the dodger and then bit her finger. Never trust a squirrel. 

 The vet has recommended a DAP diffuser to help Chips calm down. It is like an air freshener but it gives off the smell of a mother dog feeding her pups. It's supposed to soothe us dogs. Chips is the same as ever, but man, am I chilled.