Wednesday 31 December 2003

Dance Mat and Snow

A quiet New Year's Eve. 
TJam and Bamgee spent all night on the dance mat.

Just before midnight it snowed!

Beanz freaked out when she saw it.
That and the fireworks.
Another thing to add to Beanz's "Things Aren't As Scary As She Thinks They Are" rehabilitation list.

Saturday 20 December 2003

Happy Alternative Christmas

We had our alternative Christmas today.

The dogs had dog-friendly (not mince) pies .

We gave Bamgee a compost bin. 
What more could a human ask for?

The humans played a favourite childhood game...


Thursday 11 December 2003


Today we went to our training class Christmas party.

Artist came with us and we went as "Jack and the magic Beanz"

We were doing well in the egg and spoon race until Chips let us down and ate our egg.

Wednesday 26 November 2003


I advise you never to eat a tub of liver and a carrot.

Poor me!

Tuesday 25 November 2003


While TJam was at work we polished off a tub of liver (our training treats that TJam spent cooking, much to her vegan disgust) and a carrot. Then we dragged a parsnip each back to our beds and sat on them all afternoon. In case you were wondering, they did not hatch.

Friday 14 November 2003

Rat Man

We had to get the rat man in today. TJam says we shouldn't admit that, but I say that out real friends won't judge us if we have mice or rats living in the cavity walls. Perhaps it will keep away the visitors  that invite themselves round even when we haven't invited us in ages. Ha ha ha!

Wednesday 5 November 2003

Fireworks - Are We Bothered?

Today we went for a long walk with Nero and Nerospal. We got nice and tired so we wouldn't be bothered with the fireworks. Not that we are bothered anyway. Carlsberg was equally not bothered thankfully.

Sunday 26 October 2003


Today we have heard scratching in the wall cavity. If we are optimistic, we will put out a humane mouse trap. If we are realistic, we will have to call in the rat-catcher.

Saturday 25 October 2003

Celebrity Dog School

We all went over to the Big City to do some work on Bamgee's house. When we came back we watched Celebrity Dog School, which made me and Beanz look like angels. Hooray for Celebrity Dog School. Valerie is our favourite and she looks a lot like me.

Sunday 19 October 2003


Bamgee came home today! TJam went to meet her from the airport. She had been travelling for 52 hours and is exhausted. It is lovely to see her and we greeted her enthusiastically.

Saturday 18 October 2003

Something Afoot?

TJam has been cleaning the house all day.

Friday 10 October 2003


Poor Carlsberg had to have her vaccinations today. She was very good, but you'll be lucky if you see her in a cat carrier again any time soon.

Thursday 9 October 2003


I went to the advanced training class. I was very nervous in a foom full of dogs and I had trouble "staying". But all in all I did as I was told and TJam was very proud of me.

Thursday 2 October 2003


TJam and Beanz came home from dog training smiling and laughing today. Beanz and I have been promoted to the advanced class. It is not true that the teacher only feels sorry for us and is trying to boost our confidence.

Friday 26 September 2003


The kids at school shared a stomach bug with TJam so nothing much has been going on around here except sleeping...

Saturday 20 September 2003


Um, I don't want to speak too soon but I think TJam might have forgiven us.

Monday 15 September 2003


Happy anniversary Carlsberg! She has been with us for a whole year.

Monday 8 September 2003

Banana Incident

Me and Chips are in the biggest trouble ever.

First Chips got into a fight.

Then there was this man walking along eating a banana. I ran over to him and jumped up to say hello.  Chips swooped in from behind and took the banana clean out of his hand! TJam was furious! She says one day she might laugh about it but for now we are being walked separately. She was so upset we didn't go to training this evening. We are grounded until the separate walking regime starts together.

Saturday 30 August 2003


Now I have to wear a silver space boot.

Thank you VERY much.

And I have to stay on the lead.

Friday 29 August 2003

Kitchen Hazard

Today I jumped up to have a good look on the kitchen unit and I sliced my paw on a tin that was waiting to go into the recycling.

Now I have a nasty gash and I have to keep it washed and covered. It is on the pad so TJam didn't take me to the vet. Some owner she is. I am feeling very sorry for myself.

Thursday 21 August 2003

Chimney Sweep

We got the chimney swept. 

I disgraced us by stealing the duct tape and chewing it up. The chimney sweep was very understanding. TJam was mortified.

Sunday 17 August 2003

Confused Identity

Today Carlsberg tried to come on a walk with up. She came 200m on the field until we got near the road. Then TJam decided it was too dangerous so we had to turn for home and get the cat to follow us so we could shut her back in the house.

Carlsberg, the cat who thinks she's a dog.

Friday 15 August 2003

Cat Training

I was out on the field doing some training with TJam when a flash of black and white came at me, grabbed my leg and wouldn't let go. It was Carlsberg! She wants to be trained. She kept hiding in the bushes and then jumping out on me when I was trying to do a sit stay.

Saturday 2 August 2003

Travelling South

We went down to see our extended family in the Southeast. We were very good and I wasn't even sick in the car.

Thursday 31 July 2003

Thursday 24 July 2003


Beanz and I have started our new dog training class. The teacher spotted straight away that we do not like being separated so now we have to practise be apart every day so we can concentrate even when we are not together.

Sunday 20 July 2003


TJam, Brazil, Bamgee, Beanz and I went to the local RSPCA show.

I came 2nd in "Dog with the Most Character" and Beanz came 4th.

We are not naughty, we have character.

Tuesday 15 July 2003


Happy birthday Bamgee!

TJam made chocolate fridge cakes - no chance of burning them - and we went for a picnic. No chocolate for dogs though.

Monday 30 June 2003


This month, we have mostly had visitors.

Saturday 31 May 2003

Friday 18 April 2003


Carlsberg has found a new place to sleep.

On the sweet pea seedlings, next to her new friend the garden ornament.

Sunday 13 April 2003


Happy birthday Fliptop! She is now half TJam's age.

To celebrate we went to the beach. There were lots of tasty dead starfish for me and Beanz to eat. The humans said no but they couldn't catch us. But on the way home we didn't feel good. We filled the car with the entire dead starfish population of Blackpool. And then the garden. We did not feel good at all.

Fliptop and Brazil certainly were glad they came with us! It must have been an honour for them to hold the plastic bags out to catch the thrown up starfish in the car on the way home.

It took us all afternoon to recover.

Sunday 23 March 2003


A great trip to the beach. We were well behaved and Beanz was not sick in the car. AND we have created our very own beach in the back of the car. Get the hoover out TJam...

Wednesday 19 March 2003


Guess where we have just been. To a training class. Not to train, you understand. TJam's aim was to get us in the building, which was a small miracle in itself, given the noise we were making in the beginning.

It seems we have stolen one too many pieces of rubbish before running off. TJam is furious with us so now we have to go to dog school.

Friday 28 February 2003


A lovely day. The farmer has put out chicken dung to fertilise his fields.

With my superior sense of smell, I sensed it before TJam and nipped off to have a little snack.


Sunday 9 February 2003


We have lived with TJam for a whole year now. She is a little greyer and with a few more wrinkles, but she is generally glad she chose us. I am house trained. Chips is not. I still chew things. Chips still steals food. TJam is not laughing about that any more and won't let us take any photos of the evidence. She does not want to reward our bad behaviour. Yeah. Right.

All in all we are pretty settled.

Look how big Carlsberg is now.