Wednesday 25 December 2013


There must be some mistake. Santa has delivered this present to the wrong house!

Hectic Day

Just snatching 5 minutes to share the love with Boy Wonder.

Merry Christmas

Well, merry Christmas to everyone. We were lucky to receive this lovely card sent to us by nephew Bob and niece Cat.

I am celebrating the day by drinking out of the flower pot. I might bark at Brazil and Boy Wonder's chicken later... 

Saturday 21 December 2013


Today I sat on TJam's Christmas card bag while I watched TV. I like to play my part in the preparations.

Friday 20 December 2013


Cruelly Alert!
I was asleep and not doing any harm to anyone when TJam came and took my comfy bed away so she could wear it.
I made sure I left plenty of my white bits on it so TJam doesn't forget me while she is out.

Sunday 15 December 2013


I have been helping. This is my favourite time of year. Boxes in boxes and tinsel. Ho ho ho!

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Santa's Little Helper

I have been helping TJam wrap. She LOVES it when I help. It makes everything go MUCH faster.

Sunday 1 December 2013


A bag IN a box? My life is complete.