Thursday 31 July 2014


I have had such a busy few days and a lot of changes. pound, kennels, test house,  new home, new family, new smells, new vet, new rules...

Tonight I took myself off and buried myself in the workmens' dust sheet. I'll just have a quiet minute. Then I might have another look for that cat...

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Little Red Wombling Dog Day 4

I was promoted to the canvas crate.

I did not dig my way out.

I was quiet all night.

I have got a new friend Beanz!

She lets me lie near her, but not ON her.

I would like to lie ON her but I know she has said no.

I had a busy morning.

I supervised the plumber.

Then I watched Carlsberg.

She climbed up in the tree.

I loved just watching her.

I didn't run after her.

Then Carlsberg came closer.

And closer.

Then she came right up near me.

Like 1 metre away.

Face to face.

It was too much for me. 

I barked.

She stepped back. I got timed out.

We are all fine.

Then Paws4Thought came to meet me to see if she will let me out at lunch time.

I liked Paws.

She said yes.


Today I am helping TJam plan her office. Here I am having a think about it. It's tiring work. My bed would go nicely in that corner.

Monday 28 July 2014

Little Red Dog Day 3

That little red dog seems to like it here. She seems very relaxed.

We spent a lot of time in the garden. I had a lot of teaching to do. TJam exclaimed that she hadn't realised how great I was. Apart from the barking at planes. And noises. I am teaching little red dog all about that.

I told her that we are not to chase Carlsberg. 
Carlsberg kept her distance but she stayed in the garden today and TJam showed LRD that there is no cat chasing in this house.

Then I told that wombling LRD that we don't walk on the flowerbeds when the humans are looking.

And we don't eat the fish unless they are fried in batter.

Then that wombling creature watched Dog Rescue with me.

... and she fell so sound asleep that she didn't make a peep when TJam put her in the crate for the night.

She's not so bad.

Sunday 27 July 2014

Excuse Me But...

Excuse me, but there seems to be a little red dog at our house. Did I miss a memo?

It seems to have made itself at home.

It wanted to play with me but I ran away. I'm not having any of that. 
TJam had better keep that thing away from me.
I mean, look at it. It looks like a womble!

I had a little chuckle when TJam clipped herself to the dog tie-out stake instead of the dog. 
The recoil was impressive. So was the language.

I came home after everyone had gone to bed.
That worried TJam, I can tell you.

Saturday 26 July 2014

Hello! Hello!

Hello! Hello! I am a little red dog!

I am not very good at having my photo taken.

Here is my first photo in the rescue centre.

I met Bamgee.

I was happy to see her.

I was a stray but no one picked me up from the pound.

Coach and Willow took me to their rescue centre.

I went for a long drive in the car.

I hate the cage in the car. I like sitting on the seat.

I am staying at the Tip for 4 weeks on a temporary foster.

I met Beanz.

I saw Carlsberg.

I ran round the furniture.

I did not like dried dog food.

I do like cuddles.

I am sleeping in this cage tonight.


Today, we went on a long drive. Then we went for a walk with a little red dog, Willow and Coach.

The little red dog was not very good at having her photo taken. 

Then we went back to Willow's house and I watched guinea pigs for half an hour.

The humans were busy talking and they thought I was in the shade.

Really, I had managed to get behind the shed but then I had managed to not be able to get back out again. No one noticed and I started to panic and that wobbled the shed.

Coach saw the windows of the shed rattling and wondered if a cat had got locked in. Then Coach looked closer and saw me. I was so freaked out I gave a little whine. I couldn't get my dodgy hip past the fence post. I sat down and gave up.

Coach was about to call the fire brigade. It was a boiling hot day and I was getting panicky. So was TJam. She suggested putting Willow's son, the Katate Kid, down the side of the summer house to help me out, but he couldn't fit.

The humans managed to lift the summer house up a bit at one end to slide it over and create a gap just big enough for TJam to squeeze into so she could guide my back end out.

This is the scene of the crime and I had got right down to that bottom fence panel.

Willow couldn't believe her luck that she had actually seen one of my adventures in the flesh. 
TJam was mortified. As usual.

Then we came home. I had actual ice blocks on me in the car. TJam really needs to get air con.
We also had the little red dog with us. 

Friday 25 July 2014

Cream Crackered

I went to hydrotherapy this morning. If I had my way I would not be going again but they said I should get used to it and even enjoy it after a few sessions.

TJam felt so sorry for me she didn't even take my photo to blog. She said she'd save my dignity. Funny she never worried about that before.

Now I am resting in the sunshine. The heat is good for my joints apparently.

Tuesday 22 July 2014


Wow, two hares on my path!

I gave them a good chase. Won't do my legs any good but it was totally worth it.

Saturday 19 July 2014


Ok, I admit it. I hid under the bed during the storm. And I got stuck and TJam had to pull me out by my feet, when she realised 5 hours later.

Friday 18 July 2014

Great Escape

My plan has been unfolding over the last couple of years. Dodgy hip, occasional limp... Behind me in the photo you can see a 5 foot fence panel missing. Believing me to be frail and infirm, TJam blocked it up with a piece of chicken wire and some old branches. I have played along for three months, looking pathetically at the impossible barrier...
Tonight I took my chance. No sooner could TJam say, "I think the neighbour's dog is trying to get into our garden," but I was over the fence and checking out the French Bulldogs' home turf. Not bad actually.
But TJam is not quite as stupid as she looks, and she was in the garden and hunting me down just as I was sniffing in their drains, but before I realised there was a rabbit hutch there.
Now a new fence panel is number one on the human priority list and I am not allowed out unaccompanied.
All that planning down the drain.

Sunday 13 July 2014

Half-hearted Encouragement

Yes TJam. You grew a radish. Very good. Now let me get on with my sunbathing.

Saturday 12 July 2014


My vet has suggested I try Hydrotherapy for my bad hip so I had a trial run in the pond which seemed to go very well up to my elbows. That will be enough for today. I will have a think about it and get back to you.

Friday 11 July 2014


Today I will be mostly drinking from the waterfall. Getting back to my feral roots and all that. Only in a garden with a waterfall and not a field. Which TJam has pointed out isn't very feral at all.

Tuesday 8 July 2014


TJam has not brought a coat with her so she's really really hoping that cloud is moving AWAY from us.

Thursday 3 July 2014


So TJam you think you can baracade my catflap to stop me going out at night? We'll see about that.
But first I will appeal to your  better nature by engaging my sad and disappointed face.


TJam is boring me with keep taking photos and creating memories. Honestly.
She was too slow with her camera to create a real life memory of me chasing Mr Rabbit across the field though. I've still got it you know.