Tuesday 31 May 2005

The Rest of May

… has gone by in a blur! 

Bamgee went to work in London for a week and then stayed with us for the rest of the month. Hopefully we did not drive her insane.

It was TJam's birthday and possibly the best yet. She was looked after and spoilt for the whole day and got lots of lovely presents, cards and visits. She got a Swiss Army penknife, pens, books, Simpsons' stuff and a black dog ornament (above) which Chips is in competition with! Her dad has promised to come up and install the dishwasher, which is a Christmas/birthday present.

Carlsberg surpassed herself by catching in one single night:
2am 1 x mouse (chased around, killed + eaten in the bedroom)
3am 1 x bird (chased around, killed and eaten in the bedroom)
6am 1 x bird (chased around and under chest of drawers, caught and liberated by TJam)

Beanz had a good month, appearing in the Dog Club Display team and only letting herself down briefly by veering off the agility course to say a quick hello to a small child in the audience.

It was a sorry time at work, as we said goodbye to Natsta. She had a good leaving do at Pizza Hut and we wish her well in Blackpool.

The garden is looking good and the clematis is looking wild.

Hooray for the month of May.

Happy birthday also to Ginny, Simon, Kathryn and Ann D!