Wednesday 31 January 2007

Dog + Chile =

= a big disappointment actually.

I left a fresh chili out on the kitchen counter. I was hoping Chips would steal it and then eat it, and do a cartoon style "steam coming out of the ears" thing. Then (the theory went) she would never steal off the kitchen counter again, having learnt her lesson.

What actually happened was that I came home to find a chili on the dog's bed, which had a little nibble out of the top. If there had been any steam coming out of the ears, it had long evaporated. Chips hadn't even drunk any more water than usual. And there's certainly no sign of a stop to the counter surfing.


Today, we had a visit from the lovely Star. It was great to catch up on old times and have a short trip down memory lane. Then Pin called for lunch. It was only a shame I had to go to work or we could have chatted all day. Come again soon Star!

Monday 29 January 2007

Black Panthers

I learnt an interesting fact today that I want to share.

Apparently, black panthers are not a breed of big cat. They are a black version of any big cat eg leopard, puma etc (I put etc because I don't know exactly which breeds are included; "etc" is there to hide my ignorance). Black pantherism is a genetic mutation shared by some big cats that makes them grow in a black version of themselves. They are then known as black panthers.
Curiouser and curiouser.

I also wonder what kind of cat Baghera in Mowgli was.

Saturday 27 January 2007

From Mr Jingles

Mr Jingles, my faithful teddy bear, was saddened to read that Merrythought Toys have gone into liquidation. He felt moved to write to the Director of the company, Mr Oliver Holmes.

Dear Mr Oliver Holmes

My name is Mr Jingles. You probably don’t remember me. Merrythought made me in 1971 and I went to live with my owner and best friend, TJam. Here is a picture of us together in that first year.

I am now 36 years old and have been with TJam ever since.

I have been a loyal and reliable friend to her. A bear to laugh with, a bear to cry on. A bear to cuddle. A bear to dress up and feed pretend cups of tea to. I have been to teddy bears’ picnics and midnight feasts. I have sat patiently through mumps, measles and chicken pox. I have witnessed (minimal) revision, sleepovers and late night drinking sessions. I have been camping and I have guarded the bed when TJam went travelling and I was too precious (and big) to make the journey with her. I have sat on top of the wardrobe for my own protection when TJam got a puppy. I have shared the top of the wardrobe with the cat. I am told I have a wonderful smell that always makes TJam feel happy.

TJam has been very careful with me. My only mishap was losing the label on my foot, and I have a few thinning patches around my seams and muzzle from plentiful hugs and kisses.

TJam and I were very upset to read that your company had to go into liquidation. We both think you have offered a wonderful service and it is so sad that others won’t be able to experience what we have.

Mr Oliver Holmes, thank you for making me. I am having a wonderful life. I am looking good for 36 don’t you think?

We are really sorry about your company but please know that what you have provided us with is priceless.

With thanks, very best wishes and much respect

Mr Jingles
(and TJam)

I'm an Angel - by Chips

Today, TJam is not sure if she will be doing yoga.

This is not because of some spiritual crisis, but because she has slipped down a muddy slope. She slipped down a muddy slope because Beanz has cornered a sheep that had escaped from the field and was barking in its face.

Beanz's redeaming feature was that when we eventually located her (from the shrill barking), having run down the world's steepest hill, back up the world's steepest hill, along the ridge and down the slippery, muddy bank, TJam shouted, "LEAVE IT" and then "COME" and Beanz did actually come back. It took all TJam's self control to praise her. Then TJam's heart slowly resumed normal beating and colour returned to her cheeks when the danger of Beanz getting shot had gone back down to zero.

I was very good and ran by TJam's side throughout the whole kerfuffle. I waited while TJam lifted Beanz over the fence. We are all glad the farmer didn't shoot Beanz, who will be spending a lot more time on the lead.

We think that with a sore throat from shouting and a stiff neck and knee from slipping, we have got off very lightly.

(Fans of sheep will be glad to know that the sheep ran off unharmed).

Friday 26 January 2007

Postcard from the Past

I was sorting through some old stuff today, when I found this postcard. My mum's best friend sent it to her some time in the very early 70s. Mum and I spent hours looking at it and discussing what everyone was doing. You can probably tell from the creases. We would point to the man in the pool and say, "Oooh look, it's Daddy!" and then pretend we knew the other people as well. Of course, I was too young to pretend. I thought it really was Daddy, and I have only just realised that it couldn't have been.

Wednesday 24 January 2007

A busy week

By Beanz

This week I have nearly caught a fox (I was this close), chased two deers, been to agility again and got moved up a class and now I am playing with a toy (whilst writing this, obviously) and waiting for TJam to drink her tea and take me for a walk.

Chips has broken a glass, chased deer with me and won a Guide Dog Puppies 2007 calendar for walking to heel at training.

TJam has done very little and it is time she cleaned the house. Even us dogs are beginning to notice.

Meanwhile, in the gales, our guttering blew half down and two fence panels are out at the back. Yesterday it tried to snow.

It all happens around here.

Tuesday 16 January 2007


Tonight we went to a new agility class. It was amazing. I loved it. I practically pulled TJam's arm out of its socket to get on the see-saw, plank thing (about 5 foot high) and the A frame (very high). I LOVED it. So did TJam.

Now we are home I keep sitting in front of TJam to see what's happening next.

At the moment, nothing is happening.

By Beanz

Sunday 14 January 2007


We have got a new dog gang friend. Benny. He is pretty cool and I did not bark at him. He has moved in to Ron and Ann's and is rearranging their lives for them, as is a rescue dog's duty.

This week, I reminded TJam of this by chewing chunks off the settee cushion. It is nowhere near as impressive as the last time so TJam didn't bother taking a picture. You can imagine 10 bite shaped chunks of light green foam lying on the floor. You can also imagine that TJam's boss called round and witnessed the scene. We are not good business accessories.

By Chips

Monday 8 January 2007

Free to a Good Home

Two black do.... nah, just kidding.

Free to a good home:
one TV guide dated 6th-12th January. I accidentally bought two.

Please send expressions of interest to me, preferably before the 12th. Well, you can send expressions of interest after the 12th but you have to tell me what you want it for after that date.

Wednesday 3 January 2007

Testing a Hypothesis

Today I got out of the other side of my bed to see if it affected my mood. Which it didn't. So that's another wives tale blown out of the water.

Tuesday 2 January 2007

Chocolate withdrawal

Happy New Year everyone!

Today was a day of desperation. I was having chocolate withdrawal so badly that I convinced myself I could eat a coffee creme. Usually I am more likely to eat my own fingers than touch a coffee creme, but as I said, it was a desperate situation.

So I ate the coffee creme and it kind of tasted ok.

Gotta kick this chocolate habit in 2007.