Thursday 31 March 2005

Home Alone

Lucky it is April tomorrow so TJam will have space to tell you all about how Beanz ended up in dog hospital today, having investigative surgery for what is probably some kind of infection. We will know more tomorrow when TJam goes to get her. I miss Beanz.

Thursday 24 March 2005

Mouse Season

5.55am and a nice juicy mouse to throw around the bedroom and then eat. Mmmm. Then 100 decibel retching noises and full vomit on the duvet cover. Job done.

7pm wow. Mouse season! Another one to crunch in the kitchen. I plan on keeping this one down.

Monday 21 March 2005

Cheshire Cat

TJam has been driving round in the dogmobile, grinning like a cheshire cat. On a more serious note, I have just been out hunting, brought the mouse home, dropped it on the kitchen floor to eat, but it wasn't dead and now it has run behind the fridge. I have tried walking around, calling out to it, but it is not coming to me. Drat!

Saturday 19 March 2005


TJam went to get the van yesterday. It is lovely and well worth the wait. Today, she took the dogs over the hills in the van and a long walk.


Wednesday 16 March 2005


Brazil got the train home today. It is very quiet without her.

Saturday 12 March 2005

Crufts 2005

The humans went to Crufts today. It was in Birmingham. They had a wonderful time, looking round the stalls, watching the agility and flyball. I have got a new bed and the Beanz and I have new coats for when it rains.

Friday 11 March 2005


TJam's mum, TJam, Beanz, Nerospal, Nero and I went up our favourite big hill today. We had hoped to go in the van, but it won't be delivered from Scotland until Thursday, so we went in Bamgee's car. It will need a good hoover.

Friday 4 March 2005

No Van

No sign of our new van. The only one available was in Scotland. The guy phoned on Tuesday but still they couldn't get it down to OurTown by the weekend. So TJam and we have come down to London in Bamgee's car.

Tuesday 1 March 2005

No Van (part 1)

Au revoir Bamgee, who went down to work in London for a week. Hello new van! Oh, actually not. TJam went to pick up the new van but Renault had sent one with no windows in the back, so TJam could not see out to reverse. Now they have to order her another one. We hope it is here by the weekend cos we are going down to London.