Monday 27 September 2004


The lampshade collar is off, Carlsberg is healed and heading back off into the wild.

Friday 24 September 2004


Today, the chimney sweep came, so we watched him sweep the chimney from inside. TJam went out to see when the brush came out at the top. The brush came out and the pot came off! The man had to go up on the roof and cement it back on.

Thursday 23 September 2004


Today, Carlsberg felt very sorry for herself. She got 2 bites on her legs which turned into abcesses. She had to go to the vet. She said Carlsberg's temperature was 104ºF and she gave her antibiotics and made her wear that lampshade collar. 

Carlsberg has to stay in the house for 3 days, so she snuggled up with Beanz and nurse Beanz looked after Carlsberg all night.

Friday 10 September 2004

Wanderer Returns

Carlsberg has been missing for 2 days but she came home today. She was very hungry but fine. I can't tell you where I was, but she seems to be sticking around the house now.