Thursday 31 December 2009

Index of 2009

And so, here is our summary of 2009.

In January, it was foggy and we ate a load of stuff.

In February, TJam showed us how to blog from our mobile phone, the humans went to Chinese New Year celebrations and we had a bit of snow.

In March, I hurt my leg again, we enjoyed Alexander the Meerkat and TJam didn't manage to cook a jacket potato in the dishwasher. We all went to visit TJam's family in London Town.

In April, TJam made easter cakes and Carlsberg may or may not have licked them, we climbed up a lovely hill, Bready did some reading and Chips discovered there IS a limit to how much she can eat.

In May, Chips ate semoline, TJam became an auntie, we all went to the beach with Bamgee before she went off on her travels and we didn't see Winnie the Pooh when we went to meet Piglet and Puppy. I was fine with a horse, Xaja had his birthday, I subluxated my elbow and TJam started work on the garden. Carlsberg braved the flynet.

In June, Chips got quality time with TJam while I rested my leg, TJam fed Silky's cats and Carlsberg catwatched the cat next door. We went for a walk and got lost and we saw some interesting clouds. Tjam made some photography discoveries, what not to do, and we went up a hill with Pin and Huddersfield Town.

In July, Chips ate the cat food, we made the home alone videos and went to TJam's nan's 90th birthday celebrations. We walked with Nursie and Bready and I injured my chest.

In August, we went to the agricultural show and TJam fed next door's cat (no catastrophies!)

September was quiet, with a few photos here and there and we got a 2 person (or dog) tent. Work started on our porch and TJam messed with the cement.

In October, we went to Baby Chilled's naming ceremony. TJam went to Tajikistan to see Bamgee, but she never put her photos on here. They are on her Facebook page, where humans go, but no animals. Here is one photo,
so you know I am not making it up.

In November, Carlsberg started exploring bed options around the home.

In December, we got Christmassy and had snow, and went to TJam's family for some great gifts!

To end the year, as we were walking, we saw an owl in a tree. It was only about 2m away from TJam's head and didn't move as we stopped and looked. TJam had a go at taking a photo on her phone in the dusk, which you might be able to make out (it's right in the middle). It was a "had to be there" moment and truely breathtaking.

- Beanz, signing out and wishing you a happy 2010!

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Christmas Presents

I would just like to say a big thank you to Father Christmas and friends for all our fab presents. This present went down well with me, although TJam is not so impressed!

Luckily we also got this present: (click on it to make it big and see what it does. Thank you B1B2 for this!). Of course it will never work...

We are also looking forward to using this:

We'll let you know what we get up to with it in 2010!

Tuesday 29 December 2009


We had a great Christmas and I will tell you about our brilliant presents soon. We are home from our travels and still have snow and a frozen pond! Brr!

Thursday 24 December 2009

Embarrassing Christmas Side Effect

by Carlsberg

Why would TJam be scrubbing the mini trampoline with disinfectant on Christmas Eve?

Oh, because I ate a bit of that long, tempting, irresistable piece of Christmas tree decoration and did not realise that what goes in must come out. Only, long pieces of glittery gold make a poo pretty hard to disengage. Friction, gravity and a 5 metre sprint from the sand pit, through the catflap to the mini trampoline were what was required to remove the begger.

As they (almost) say in the Young Ones: Dirty Trampoline, Clean Bottom!

Merry Christmas everyone. Don't eat any decorations. At least not when anyone's looking

Love Carlsberg
Signing Out for 2009!

Jingle Bells

We are in training. A certain fat and jolly gentleman asked if we were busy tonight as he's a couple of reindeer down. Just trying out our formation running in the snow...

Monday 21 December 2009

Don't Believe Your Eyes

- by Chips

Although it may look like it, that is NOT the cat's bowl under my bottom. It is... um... it's a... um... yellow.... um... not cat bowl, which I did not steal from the desk and take to my bed to clean.

Sunday 20 December 2009

Snowy Adventure

-by Carlsberg

Today, the humans (TJam, Nerospal and B1B2) and dogs went for a walk in the snow. TJam fell over twice in the first 5 minutes. The dogs were pretty sure footed...

but the humans made more of a meal of it...

B1B2 and her dog, B2, had a quick cup of tea at the cafe...

Then everyone set off to the pinetum. The dogs usually go pretty wild there. They must be communing with the spirit world. You can see Beanz heading off to frolic...

They went to their special tree...

...before heading off in the blizzard, singing Christmas songs.

When they got home, Beanz went for a lie down in the garden...

... and I pounced on everything that moved. You will notice that photos of Chips are severely lacking by this point. She was in her warm bed...

...and now my favourite photo, in which I am bigger than Beanz!

Saturday 19 December 2009

Guilty Secret

I couldn't help myself.

Mystery Tracks

There have been some mysterious tracks in our lovely new snow...

...was it a triangular footed bird? rabbit? deer?...

... and it turned out it was the tracks of my tongue as I licked up the snow!

Yum yum

Saturday 12 December 2009


We are having a truce in the bed wars. The fire is on and there's only one place to be.

Getting in the Spirit

The weather has been getting colder, foggier and more Christmassy by the day...

... and when we went for our Saturday coffee, Nerospal's cappucino definitely had a festive feel about it...