Saturday 28 February 2009

Modern Art

I call this creation, "Satisfied paw prints on white"
- by Chips Sewell

Friday 27 February 2009

Early morning run

Forgive me for looking a bit tired here. I have just run across this field and back. Why? In a word, deer. Hello lead walking and practising my recall. It was worth it though. I am WIRED.

- by Beanz, the roving blogger

Sunday 22 February 2009


Do I look like an impressive bear catching salmon? I model myself on david Attenborough's Natural World. Now I just need to work on my roar. And my tree climbing.
Did i trick you?

- by Beanz, the roving blogger


I am also mobile now. Here is my poor flamingo on its last legs. He has no stuffing but he's still good for a tug of war. Here's to mobile blogging and talking the hind legs off donkeys. Field reporter Chips over and out.

- by Chips, on location

Am I mobile?

TJam has been workin all morning (and neglecting us) to get us blogging from her mobile. If you are reading this, then a miracle breakthrough has occurred.

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Tuesday 17 February 2009

Pass the Mouthwash

This is the mouth
Attached to the dog
That nimbly hopped onto the worktop
(like a mountain goat)
And sniffed out the bowl
That contained 6 cloves of crushed garlic in olive oil
That is now empty

This is the mouth
Attached to the dog
That will not be attacked by vampire
For a long long time.

Can you smell it from there?!
I dare you to come close to the screen!

This is the mouth
That is sporting a rather impressive set of whiskers
(Now I come to look more closely)
Even if I do say so myself.

Monday 16 February 2009

Spot the Dog

by Chips.

Can you spot me?

(yup, that's my nose sticking out on the right hand side)

Sunday 15 February 2009

Who Says Crates are Cruel?

We love our crate. Today, Beanz was in it and I wanted to get in it and she wouldn't get out, so I got in with her. It was a bit of a squeeze but I managed it.

Saturday 14 February 2009

Valerian Teabags

- by Carlsberg

Today, Bamgee brought me a present. When she said, "Valerian Teabag wrapper" you could forgive me for not being all that excited.

Until I smelt it, that is.

Then I was very excited.

Now I am sleeping off my trip in a hazy eyed stupour.

cool man.

Peace out


Monday 9 February 2009


By Chips

Well, it's been a roller-coaster of a week regarding snow. The weatherpeople getting our hopes up and us drooping our ears and dropping our tails in disappointment most days. While London got snowed in and ground to a half, it was work as usual round here. Boo hoo.

On Monday, we did get a little covering. Beanz thought the pond was frozen over. She soon found out that it wasn't. This is the exact moment she realised that she was up to her chin in icy water and reversed out at the speed of light. Doesn't she know? You should NEVER walk on a frozen (or not frozen) pond. If only the camera hadn't been slow you would have seen her at the actual point of realisation. Never mind. This is almost as good. If you enlarge you can see the hole she just came out of.

Tuesday was no snow.

Wednesday was no snow.

Thursday, when we looked out of the window, things had started to look up...

(yes, our world actually is neon blue)

That morning, Beanz had a little lay in the snow and I dug up a stick.

And on Friday, the flakes were so big, Beanz and I looked like dalmations in negative (except longer haired and floppier and not as good at following carriages).

It didn't stick, so there was no snowman. So, all in all, our snow experience has been minimal but still quite fun.

In other news, Bamgee has been in hospital and out again. She is poorly enough to need medicine but not too poorly to play with us. We are especially not allowed to jump up as she has got a drip in her arm but she can sort it out at home now. She is practically a trained nurse! We are very proud of her. Plus we are glad she is there to remind TJam to give us an extra chew.

Sunday 1 February 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

- by Beanz

Gung Hay Fat Choy everyone. That is happy new year if you are Chinese. Today the humans abandoned me and Chips and went to the Chinese New Year celebrations in a nearby city.

There were loads of stalls and you could buy special drums to make loads of noise to keep bad spirits away. If they's have taken me with them, I could have made loads of noise to keep bad spirits away. But no, we were not invited on account of the fire crackers. And the fact that TJam wanted to have a relaxing time, and not two hyped up hounds learning about cultural issues, especially cultural things that fall on the floor, like noodles, rice and pad thai curry (or something, so we are told). Here are Bready and Bamgee buying some stuff.
Then they went to the parade. There was a dragon. I could have protected everyone from the dragon. Lucky for the dragon I wasn't there.

The humans were a little surprised that there were no Chinese people driving the dragon. Plus the cox was saying, "move it, move it" to the dragon drivers. The humans' Chinese friend said they say the same thing in Chinese, just that it sounds more romantic and festive when it it not done with a northern accent.
The humans were also stopped in the street and told they could "make a wish" on the Buddha. Now, I'm just a dog, not a theologist, but I thought prayer and meditation were associated with Buddhism. I didn't realise that all this time we could have just been making a couple of wishes. Let's see if Buddha comes good with all those bones I'm going to ask for...
anyway, next the humans went to the art gallery. Actually they just needed to use the facilities, but it turned out there were loads of interactive Chinese things there. And then Bamgee said, "Aren't those Silky's bags?" (Silky is her spy name) and it turned out that TJam's friend Silky has some bags for sale in the gallery! How cool is that?! Don't they look good.
Finally, the humans saw fit to come home and take me and Chips for a walk. There was a sugar dusting of snow while we were out and when we got in the car, look how cold it was:

Snow is forcast for tomorrow so we hope TJam can't get to work and has to stay home with us and sit in front of the fire, stroking us. We can always make a wish.