Monday, 9 February 2009


By Chips

Well, it's been a roller-coaster of a week regarding snow. The weatherpeople getting our hopes up and us drooping our ears and dropping our tails in disappointment most days. While London got snowed in and ground to a half, it was work as usual round here. Boo hoo.

On Monday, we did get a little covering. Beanz thought the pond was frozen over. She soon found out that it wasn't. This is the exact moment she realised that she was up to her chin in icy water and reversed out at the speed of light. Doesn't she know? You should NEVER walk on a frozen (or not frozen) pond. If only the camera hadn't been slow you would have seen her at the actual point of realisation. Never mind. This is almost as good. If you enlarge you can see the hole she just came out of.

Tuesday was no snow.

Wednesday was no snow.

Thursday, when we looked out of the window, things had started to look up...

(yes, our world actually is neon blue)

That morning, Beanz had a little lay in the snow and I dug up a stick.

And on Friday, the flakes were so big, Beanz and I looked like dalmations in negative (except longer haired and floppier and not as good at following carriages).

It didn't stick, so there was no snowman. So, all in all, our snow experience has been minimal but still quite fun.

In other news, Bamgee has been in hospital and out again. She is poorly enough to need medicine but not too poorly to play with us. We are especially not allowed to jump up as she has got a drip in her arm but she can sort it out at home now. She is practically a trained nurse! We are very proud of her. Plus we are glad she is there to remind TJam to give us an extra chew.


Mack said...

I know you are quite busy nowadays helping Bamgee recover. Give her extra kisses from us,

Drab said...

Get well soon Bamgee!
We've had lots of deep snow, i actually forgot to do my jelly dog impersonation and quite enjoyed myself, while the big lad went into Collie overdrive during a snow fest and tried to round the kids up, it was soooo funny!

Nancy & Sam

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Yes, get well soon Bamgee!

I am sick of the snow now, it won't go away and it has all gone yellow in my garden, I have no idea why!

Ice can be very dangerous, I am glad Beanz is ok..........

lots of love and Happy Weekend, from Marvin and Jeannie xxxxx

ps your neon world looks very exciting!

Beanz said...

Mack: yup, busy waiting for snow!! I will give Bamgbee an extra lick this weekend from you!

Nancy & Sam: you've got to love snow. Keeps collie types busy, shepherding and you have to eat some of it too. Yum!

Marvin: yellow snow? I can't imagine why that is. It's not around the tree bases is it? The pond wasn't deep, just cold! Glad you are blogging again. :)