Monday 30 August 2004


Washing, washing, washing and more washing!

What did they do in the days before washing machines?!

Sunday 29 August 2004


Sadly, time to pack up the tent and head for home. Just time to buy a couple of postcards and wap them in the post. TJam only sent 4 so don't be offended if you weren't one of the recipients. Basically, if you didn't give birth to her or have influence in her first 5 years of life, you didn't get a card. It's nothing personal. 

We had a quick picnic and the sun came out for our drive home. 

Carlsberg was glad to see us.

Saturday 28 August 2004


The plan was to do a little, 2 hour stroll over lunch time, and be back to buy postcards. 

7 hours later, we made it home. We went through forests and up mountains. 

Be impressed that we were this close to cows and the dogs were under control. We saw Ugly House and Swallow Falls, and we met a family from West Wickham, and the woman was going to work at Fliptop's school this year. Small world.

Friday 27 August 2004

Moving On

We had to move on cos the site was booked up. Surely there would be no problem finding a new site! On Bank Holiday Weekend! 
Having phoned about 15 sites, all full, "the field" was looking more attractive… we pulled up. 

Yup, main road, Shell Garage and apparently travelling community in the corner….

After a few seconds, even home seemed like a better prospect. We decided to about turn and drive homeward via the town. If we didn't see anywhere with vacancies, we would just keep driving.

 Luckily, we did manage to find a site. 

The Pontins of the camping world. Children and more children everywhere, and tents right on top of each other. Even with all the competition, our dogs were still the loudest. Is that something to be proud of? 

Still, this was Riverside, and we were determined to enjoy it. Actually, it was more Trainside than Riverside, with the half past the hour running about 7 metres from our tent, starting at 06:30H.

Thursday 26 August 2004


We drove to Cricieth and had the day on the beach. TJam bought us a wind break to put up in the door of the tent so Beanz and I can't see what's going on. They hope it will be quieter that way. 

We walked up and down the beach and then stopped for an ice cream. As we drove along the main road we saw a field with a few tents in. We laughed at its situation, right next to a Shell Garage. How lucky we had found such a quiet camp site!

Tuesday 24 August 2004

Camping 2004

A good night's sleep in the tent. We dogs were well behaved and we had a lie in. Only a few hours of rain, so we didn't get washed away. 

 We drove into Betws-y-Coed and had a look round. We got a ground sheet, and a pair of waterproof trousers for Bamgee. And a couple of plastic spoons. Bargain.

Monday 23 August 2004


We packed up the car with the tent, collapsible chairs, sleeping bags, dog beds, dog food, dog towels and dogs, and off we went to North Wales. The morning started with a visit to the vet (how else) because Beanz had committed her annual August Paw Cutting ritual and sliced two pads yesterday. The only bargain was that the consultation only cost £5.01 for the vet to advise us to keep the feet dry. What a comedian.

Thursday 19 August 2004


TJam, Bamgee, Artist, Beanz and I went to the Kennel Club Charity Dog Show at the British Legion. We dogs were very well behaved and Artist was a professional. She took Beanz in the Junior Handler class. I came 4th in cross breed bitch and was very proud of myself. 

TJam and Bamgee couldn't believe the back biting that was going on from the Pedigree owners. One was grumbling that her dog didn't win "dog with the waggiest tail".

Sunday 15 August 2004

Rained off

We had been looking forward to the County Show today. Chips was a dead cert for "Dog with the waggiest tail". However, it was cancelled because of all the rain. Apparently, last time it rained like this, all the horse boxes and cars got stuck on the field and had to be towed off by tractor. Shame.