Friday, 22 August 2014

Womble News

 As you know, Womble came to us on a foster placement.

We had a chance to get to know her and help her find her forever home, whether that was in the Tip with us, or with someone else.

Our character assessment was as follows:

Very handy for building work, with a good work/life balance...

... good lookout and maker of fence panels...

...great with kids. Really great with kids.

Adventurous when the situation calls for it....

... and very very very cuddly.

In the end, TJam decided that Womble would be best off with someone who could cuddle her more. Our humans never sit down. Also, Carlsberg was not at all happy with a young whippersnapper in her house. TJam drove herself and everyone else mad with her deciding, but in the end our Tip just didn't seem to be quite right so little Womble has gone to a new and perfectly matched family who love her, a young dog to play with and a cat that has bopped her on the nose. 

Good Luck Womble!
You were only here a month, but you made an impression. 
Not least the scratch marks in the new plastering and the rubber bungee you chewed through.
You are very very cute and we hope you have a long and happy life with your forever family.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

If Womble can lie in my bed...

Then I will lie in hers.