Sunday 29 February 2004

Snowy Walk

It has snowed!

Today we went for a walk with our friends:

Nerospal and Nero

and Chloe.

This afternoon we went for a walk in the Big Park. 
Chips did not get in a fight but I did run off to eat a bag of chips.

Monday 23 February 2004

Cob Nuts

TJam left a bag of cob nuts out on the tidy kitchen side. 

 Chips and I soon sorted that out. 

 Hopefully our teeth are not chipped from the shells

Sunday 22 February 2004


TJam spent ALL DAY tidying up the kitchen. How dedicated is that? It is nearly finished too!

Sunday 15 February 2004


Today we were going on an outing to Glossop. They say there are a lot of walks there.

Well, we walked for 3 hours but all we saw was local authority housing estates and playing fields. We walked one way and we walked the other way.

Next time we will get information from the Tourist Board *before* we go, because it is famous for being beautiful, and not only to washing line manufacturers.

Wednesday 4 February 2004


TJam is going on a course at work. She is fired up and unbearable. Ready to change the world. I wonder if they do a human diffuser.