Monday 30 January 2012

Beanz aka Fenton

If you have seen the footage of Fenton the (handsome) dog chasing deer in Richmond Park, you probably fall into one of two camps. The "haha that is hilarious - been there, done that" camp, and the "how terrible, how can you laugh about that" camp.

TJam falls into the former. Not because she doesn't think it is terrible to let a dog chase deer, but because she recognises that, even with the best will in the world, things go wrong sometimes. She felt for that owner. And because sometimes, if all's well that ends well, then you have to laugh or you'll cry.

And so, I would like to tell you about my fabulous Saturday. As you know, I am partial to chasing, and so I have to stay on my lead when I walk past sheep fields and the like. I am not that fussed about actually catching anything, I just like the thrill of the chase. I am not a killer or anything. I have proved that on several occasions.

When I went flying into the woods on my walk, TJam thought I was after squirrels.

(Can you see where this is going?)

It was only when a flock of about 8 delicious sheep came charging out of the woods, that TJam realised the real reason for my delight. I couldn't hear TJam shouting "come here" (the polite version). I was in the zone. It's not every day sheep get out of their field and into my woods.

Sadly for me, but luckily for TJam and the sheep, some passers by shouted and waved their stick at me. It was ok by me, I'd had my fun. I turned round and bounded joyfully towards TJam to see how excited she would be at my glorious find.

Not as excited as I had hoped, as it turned out.

A jogger ran by and said he wished he'd been filming. TJam didn't find that very funny either.

I have been told to tell you that all the sheep ran off and appeared in good health.

Friday 20 January 2012


After I had my blood test, the vet said I would need a scan of my liver because I had some slightly raised enzymes. TJam sneakily took me to a different surgery (where the scanner lives) so I didn't realise where I was until she walked away and left me. But worse still, I DID NOT GET ANY BREAKFAST! Can you imagine?

TJam took the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Beanz. They went to this enormous mountain...

Oh, wait, it was just a big rock.
Apparently, Beanz found herself a boyfriend and invited him to play. This is the first dog she has invited to play in 10 years. It would seem I cramp her style.

Meanwhile, I had my scan, which was pretty much fine, and I got some liver supplements. It is not yet clear whether these are "neurotic owner" supplements or whether they will bring my enzymes down, but I don't mind them, so it doesn't matter.

Here I am showing off my newly shaved belly. Brrrr. Couldn't you have taken me in the summer, TJam?

Friday 13 January 2012

Blood Test

See this bald patch? I have been violated!

I'd like to say I was brave and fearless when the vet took blood, but TJam would only come on here and tell you it took 3 people and that I was a total wimp.

Remember that time I was poorly out on a walk? Well, it's happened a couple of times recently and I have been a bit thirsty, so TJam took me for a check up. Since my wee was dilute, they took some blood. I am told it is for the best.

On the upside, I got some nice tasty treats when I got home, reward for not biting the vet.

Wednesday 4 January 2012

New Friend?

What's this? A new friend sitting next to B2?

I thought so at first, but it is actually all the fur that came out of him when he was stripped.

You've got to admit he looks good. B2 that is, not the not-friend. The not-friend looks... um.... different.

Monday 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone.

A beautiful start it has been.

Secondly, as TJam is wont to do once a year, she raises this glass of wine to the original Jump The Dog. She will reminisce about... hmm, which humiliating story should she tell? What about the time Jump got into the kitchens in one of the trendiest restaurants in Manchester? Yup, that was pretty humiliating. Cheers to Jump for teaching TJam to worry less about what other people think of you.