Thursday 29 October 2009

No Photos

Wow, lots of things have been going down around here, but TJam has not had time to sort out our blog. In the mean time, I am going to tell you about this morning. I walked in a bush where a human had had diarrhea and I got my head, ears and neck drizzled on. TJam was fuming about people pooing al fresco. I mean, it is liberating and all that, but humans should know better and at least dig a little hole or something. Even our cat does that. Or at least not do it at dog head height.

Anyway, it must have been bad because when I got home and TJam had finished ranting about disgusting humans, I actually hopped into the bath tub of my own accord so TJam could shower me off. Yup, it was that unpleasant.

TJam didn't take a photo. We don't want evidence of that sort of thing. Besides which, she was late for work.

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Lucky Find

It's our lucky day. We found a football on our walk.

Sunday 4 October 2009

Baby Chilled

We were recently invited to a very special occasion. It was Baby Chilled (that's his spy name) welcome and naming ceremony. We drove miles to the middle of nowhere.

We were welcomed by Baby Chilled and his mummy and uncle.

Tjam said she would put up the tent. Chips thought she was being helpful, lying on the tent. TJam didn't think that helped very much at all.

Eventually, she got it sorted and I loved the view: sheep! everywhere! I liked to bark at the sheep every now and again when no one was expecting it. It made them jump.

Of course, our tent did not look as cool as our neighbours'. They are professionals and their tent had a proper bed, magic carpet and heater. In fact, I would have gone in there, but for the fact I was tethered to our van.

Anyway, we had the welcome ceremony. The humans said it was beautiful. I was a bit nervous of the popping champagne, but I held it together. Just. That is one lucky baby, I can tell you.

Then, everyone chilled. TJam took us up onto the moors. It was so fab.

In the evening, we had a barbeque. TJam was so proud of us.

Well, she was until I stole a cumberland sausage off an unattended plate. By that time though, she had chilled out herself so I did not get told off too much.

At night, the humans made wishes for the baby and then sent lanterns up into the sky. This is Mummy and Daddy Chilled's lantern, with their wishes for Baby Chilled.

The next day, TJam got up early and we climbed right to the top of the hill. TJam fell into a bog up to her knees. Her life flashed before her eyes but she managed to get out and with both wellies to boot. She had to spend the rest of the morning in her pyjama bottoms though.

Here is the view from the top of the hill. It was a bit cloudy so you can't see much, but the house we were staying at is down there somewhere. It might be that whitish thing that my left ear is pointing at.

Then we came down for breakfast. A little girl fell over in a puddle but she was very laid back about it. She is a professional festival goer I expect.

Sadly, we had to come home. When TJam unpacked, what a lovely surprise! Kathryn (that is not her spy name but we don't know her quirks well enough yet to give her one) had packed us a spare cumberland sausage since we apparently love them so much. No need to steal this one. It was freely given.

Thank you Mummy, Daddy and Baby Chilled for a great weekend!