Tuesday 10 October 2006

Lucky Escape

Today, TJam was amusing herself before her flight home, and she sat down in a lovely park. The above police car drove along the path and slowed down.

Officer of the Law: *waves*
TJam: *waves back*
Officer of the Law: How are you?
TJam: Good (see how she picked up the lingo in under a week), thank you (ever polite)
Officer of the Law: *gets out of car and walks towards TJam*
TJam: Am I doing wrong?
Officer of the Law: (thoughtfully) I don't ..... thiiiiiiiiiink so.... You're wearing a blue shirt, not a green shirt.
TJam: Oh good
Officer of the Law: Have a good day *Turns and walks back to his vehicle*
TJam: You too (she's so gangsta)
Officer of the Law: *Drives off*
TJam: *doesn't have to accompany said officer to the station. Or produce any papers. Which was a blessing as she didn't have any on her*

The end.

Monday 9 October 2006

Halloween American Style

During their stay, Gingerted and TJam have been impressed with the Americans' Halloween decorations. When they first arrived, they thought that a 9 foot high inflatable pumpkin, spider and ghosts was the wildest thing we had ever seen, but that has been kicked into insignificance by the home made illuminated graveyard (playing organ music) with scream emitting headstones, a werewolf on the roof and moving ghouls (with genuine skulls) hanging from the trees.

Sunday 8 October 2006


Apparently TJam has been partying all weekend to celebrate 15 years of the camp she worked at. It sounds like great fun: pool, dancing, laughing, speeches, and catching up with friends.

Only service dogs were allowed, which Beanz and I definitely are not.

Monday 2 October 2006

Chips v. Catfood

At first, it was Chips 1, Catfood 0 but now it is looking more like 1 all. Not so funny now, when my ribs look like I've swallowed a football. TJam has a plentiful supply of pine floor cleaner, ready for the morning.