Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Lucky Escape

Today, TJam was amusing herself before her flight home, and she sat down in a lovely park. The above police car drove along the path and slowed down.

Officer of the Law: *waves*
TJam: *waves back*
Officer of the Law: How are you?
TJam: Good (see how she picked up the lingo in under a week), thank you (ever polite)
Officer of the Law: *gets out of car and walks towards TJam*
TJam: Am I doing wrong?
Officer of the Law: (thoughtfully) I don't ..... thiiiiiiiiiink so.... You're wearing a blue shirt, not a green shirt.
TJam: Oh good
Officer of the Law: Have a good day *Turns and walks back to his vehicle*
TJam: You too (she's so gangsta)
Officer of the Law: *Drives off*
TJam: *doesn't have to accompany said officer to the station. Or produce any papers. Which was a blessing as she didn't have any on her*

The end.

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