Friday 28 August 2009

King of the Castle

I am officially King (or Queen actually) of my castle. TJam took it apart and reassembled shorter and on top of the cupboard. I LOVE my hammock 8' high. It is GREAT.

Now Chips can't climb up and try to eat my food. It was getting boring.

Thursday 27 August 2009

Blog n sniff

Guess who will be having a bath when they get home. Boo hoo.


When there is only one plastic bottle on the field, all I can do is watch and wonder. I know my place.

Tuesday 25 August 2009


Mmm the blackberries are ripe. That's a fair part of my 5 a day right there.

Thursday 20 August 2009


This cat is not me.

This cat is my nemesis from next door.

This is the cat I used to torment by sitting outside its window so that it would box at the glass and hiss at me.

This is the cat I wave to through the netting til it comes up to swipe me, then I run in the house.

And now TJam is feeding it while its owners are away. And today, TODAY she let it sit on her knee.

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Going to Pot

TJam never gives us fresh water so we have to drink out of an old flower pot. Or a dirty puddle. Woe is us. We especially like to do this when we have visitors and it is best if they are animal lovers or animal welfare officials.


TJam has just come home and found a couple of feathers. And the first thing she said was, "Oh no Carlsberg!" What kind of stereotyping is that? Why does she think that I would know how those feathers got there?


Tuesday 18 August 2009

Agricultural Show

This weekend we went to an agricultural show. So we are going to write a cultural post. It is especially for people who have never been to a British country show.

First, we saw the ladies riding side saddle. TJam took a rubbish photo and cut the poor horse's head off. In her defence, she was using her phone which has a big delay.

Next, it was the shire horses. To be honest, Chips and I were more interested in the sign at the bottom left of this photo.

We followed our noses at a safe (BORIIIINNNNNGGGG) distance from the sheep. If you click on this photo and make it big, you will see a cute kid with a flat cap on. How very lancashire.

We saw some mini tractors...

... and some very old cars. They were right next to the doughnut van, which is where we kept looking.
Finally, we had a little look at the dog show. We didn't enter anything. There wasn't a "dog most stinking of fox poo" class, or a "dog with biggest scar on chest" one, so we didn't bother. We did stand around noncholantly, and did NOT bark at all the other dogs.

In fact, we were so well behaved that TJam even had time to have a little reminisce about the time she took a 6 month old Jump The Dog to the RSPCA dog show. TJam dropped the lead and Jump did several laps of honour around the veteran class, with people and kids diving comedy dives and Jump just slipping out of their reach. She may even have been barking and skipping with mischievous joy. TJam was much more easily embarrassed in those days.

Jump eventually came to a halt and some kids grabbed her lead and returned her to her rightful owner. TJam and Bamgee went home. Oh, with a "dog judge would most like to take home" rosette. It wasn't all bad!

Saturday 15 August 2009

Quack Quack

Today we are back to normal walking. Typical british summer. We insist on enjoying ourselves whatever the weather. And anyway, Nerospal has brought her umbrella.

Friday 7 August 2009


TJam trusted Beanz a bit too much overnight and let her wear her vest instead of the lampshade. Now look at the vest. Or what's left of it. 2 staples remain but Beanz seems on good form. Plenty of salt water bathing for you my friend. And docked pocket money to replace the vest.

Saturday 1 August 2009

Quality Time

While Beanz is holed up I am enjoying some quality time out with TJam and as ever behaving like the perfect dog without Beanz to lead me astray. Where's my halo...