Saturday 30 September 2006

MP3 Player

TJam got an MP3 player today, for her trip the States. She spend 10 minutes downloading all her music onto it and 45 minutes working out how to put the carry strap on.

Tuesday 19 September 2006

Computer Up and Running

It's ok everyone, you can stop worrying. We have had some trouble uploading our blog due to some technical hitches. Did you notice how I slipped in that bit of jargon? For TJam's mum's information, a blog is short for weB LOg. See what the techie freaks have done? Made a single word out of two words.... clever huh?

Anyway, it seems that yet again, our attempt at an August blog has been foiled. Aug 2005 looks like it's never going to happen, so we'll have a go with Aug 2006, but if it doesn't appear by November, don't go looking for it.

Wednesday 13 September 2006

Dear Slug

We don't know where you live. Nor do we know where you got the idea that it is ok to snuffle around our kitchen counter every night and slime everywhere. You are mistaken and this has got to stop.

Saturday 9 September 2006

Garden Party

Today we, and all our friends from Rivington, were invited to Archie's garden party. Everyone was there, B1, Chester, Fallon, Jake, Jeff, Vinnie, Rosie, Nero, Archie and us. It was quite a squeeze.

The humans had lovely food expertly prepared by Mary and Bernard, and there were bacon flavoured bubbles provided by the bubble machine. Sorry B1, no scones for dogs :(

Monday 4 September 2006

Country Smells

Living in the country is very nice and we wouldn't change it. The farmer spraying his crops with chicken excrement is great for dogs and not very nice for humans. They do not like hanging their washing outside to dry with that smell. Nor do they like going to a meeting wearing clothes that have dried outside in the country at this time of year.

Looks like TJam learnt a lesson today.